Pence Will Speak at Anti-Abortion Rally


WASHINGTON — Vice President Mike Pence will speak on Friday to a gathering of anti-abortion activists on the National Mall, a sign of the movement’s new and growing authority in a government now dominated by Republicans.

The organizers for the event, the March for Life, had extended invitations to President Trump and Mr. Pence. A senior White House official confirmed that Mr. Pence would address the marchers.

Mr. Pence’s appearance will come just a few days before Mr. Trump is expected to reveal his nominee for the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia last year. Mr. Trump has said his pick, like Mr. Scalia, would oppose abortion rights, one of several promises he has made to roll back legal protections for the procedure.


I find that headline offensive. It’s a PRO-LIFE March.


I don’t find it offensive. Heck yes I’m anti-abortion!


Pretty much, I’m strongly anti-abortion. It’s just a fact.


I don’t find it offensive either


I don’t find it offensively either


I agree wholeheartedly, :mad:The reasons I find it offensive is the intent is to frame the March in the same militant vien as so many of the protest marches from the left.
The March for Life is a peaceful life affirming initiative.Not a bunch of apoplectic individuals ,marching with the intention of creating chaos,


You have a good point there!


Pence is anti-abortion. The focus of the march is to end legal abortion, hence it is anti-abortion. What has Pence done that would be considered pro-life outside of abortion issues?


Good point. I didn’t think of it that way


funny how the media still doesn’t get it, do they.:mad:


Now that you bring it up, I do see a difference. Prolife is certainly more than being anti-abortion.


This sums up my view nicely…

This is not what pro-life leadership looks like

Symbols matter. When pro-choice citizens, or even those on the fence about abortion, look at what happened in the White House this week, they will not see a principled defense of the dignity of human life. Instead, they will see the latest salvo in a partisan war, in which abortion is mostly a proxy battle. And though they may—we pray—fare better, the unborn, like the refugees and immigrants Mr. Trump is only too comfortable demonizing, will have been reduced to a convenient symbol of political victory.

This is not what pro-life leadership looks like. Those who believe in the dignity of every human life should weigh carefully the cost of embracing it.


They can’t afford to get it.The left and the media included,are so deeply invested in the abortion industry,that they are blind to the facts.


Pence is also believes euthanasia is immoral too


With the light that Jeanne shined on this headline, it could be a deliberate attempt to spin this negatively.


Saw on another thread that he signed legislation for tax credits for adoption. That’s pro-life, unless one is so cynical they only see that as a reaction to abortion. Have no idea what else he’s done.


When you see gay and lesbian groups and atheist groups being allowed to participate (it is possible to be gay and pro-life), then you can call it a truly “pro-life” march. Or are gay and lesbian anti-abortion groups being allowed to participate, too?


People from The Pro-Life Alliance for Gays and Lesbians and Secular Pro Life have attended the March for Life:


Me too but the March for Life is not just an anti-abortion event. It is a pro-life event, putting the spotlight on a number of threat to life - not just abortion.

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