Penitential Act at Mass of Christian Burial?


Watched the MoCB for Deacon Bill on EWTN this morning…I was expecting after the greeting for there to be a special rite (most recent example was the MoCB for my best friend’s grandpa last month)

But instead Fr. Joseph did the usual “Brethren, let us acknowledge our sins…” followed by the Confiteor and the Kyrie…being that this is EWTN, I wouldn’t expect them to make a faux pas in that regard-so maybe the Penitential Act can be used at funerals (much as how I didn’t learn the Sign of Peace was optional until I realized they never do it).

So tell me; is the Penitential Act supposed to be done at the Mass of Christian Burial?


If the Rite of the Reception of the Body takes place in the context of the beginning of the Mass, then the Penitential Rite is omitted; otherwise, the Mass begins as usual.

I didn't see the Mass on TV, so I can't say what happened; however, if they did a Penitential Rite, I'd guess that they didn't do the Rite of the Reception of the Body.


That they didn’t do…thank you for letting me know.


Usually when a priest or deacon dies there is a Mass of Transferal the evening before. That is when the body is received into the church where it stays until the funeral Mass the next morning. This is probably what occurred.


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