Penn DA Ray Gricar's mysterious disappearance

In 2005, Pennsylvania DA Ray Gricar, who had just prosecuted the then-largest heroin bust in America, disappeared. This was shortly after privately reviewing evidence and refusing to bring charges in the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal. Gricar’s home computer showed searches on how to destroy a hard drive in water; his laptop was discovered in water with the hard drive removed; and the hard drive later discovered but too damaged to read any data. Declared legally dead via a petition from his daughter, Lara, to facilitate disbursal of his estate, sightings of Gricar have been claimed.

We pray: Blessed Virgin Mary, pierced with a sword of sorrow that the thoughts of all may be revealed, expose all thoughts, cleansing them in the fire of love which is your Son, Jesus Christ’s Sacred Heart. AMEN

What no one is discussing is the Major College Football is not just a game anymore. It is an un-regulated multi-billion dollar a year business. In addition, the money bet on college sporting events exceeds that of the revenues brought in by the sports. And bear in mind that this gambling is controled by the mob.
While the graduate student who found the assistant coach with the 10 year old by is castigated for not stopping the action, no one wants to admit that if he did, he would have lost his college career, and no one in college or professional sprots would have ever hired him. He would have been lucky to have gotten a job as a high school coach. Such is the power of the coaches and staff in College sports, especially football.
Quite frankly, if I had any say about it, I would abolish football at Penn State for at least 5 years.
Look at Columbia University. They abolished football in either the late 1940’s or in the
1950’s. They concentrated on studies instead of sports and fraternity life. It did not hurt them one bit, in fact they prospered. They just recently re-instituted football, for reasons I do not know.
The current college mega sport complexes do not do anything for Academe The monies they earn for these institutions do not improve their teaching in any way. I defy anyone to show me one laboratory or classroom building, apaart from a gymnasium of football stadium that was financed by sports, and the number of unearned bogus degrees awarded to the players staggers the mind.

**We pray: Blessed Virgin Mary, pierced with a sword of sorrow that the thoughts of all may be revealed, expose all thoughts, cleansing them in the fire of love which is your Son, Jesus Christ’s Sacred Heart. AMEN **

I don’t know if I agree with this prayer, at least partially.
What about repentant people? Why should their (repented) sinful
thoughts be publicly revealed? That doesn’t seem right.
In fact, I think to reveal a person’s repented sins to anyone is a shameful deed.
That’s why I don’t believe that on Judgement Day,
all of our sins and faults, forgiven by Christ and cleansed by Christ and
temporally atoned for too, are literally going to be revealed to everyone else
who has ever lived, too, and vice versa.
Why in the WORLD would God, on the day of eternity,
publicly shame repentant people who had gradually attained perfection and sainthood,
by exposing their repented sins to everyone else?
We know, for example, that Saint Dismas was for most of his life a violent and brutal
bandit. But we don’t know all this man’s sins by any means, and he is a Saint now.
Why in the world do we need to know everything bad that this repentant man ever did???
The Bible says that God doesn’t even REMEMBER our repented, confessed sins.
So why would he then REMEMBER them on the Day of Eternity and EXPOSE every last one of them to all of our brothers and sisters? I think most of us would be embarassed to death.

My above post had nothing to do with the D.A.'s disappearance.
I was responding to this prayer, which I’ve never seen before.

The disappearance of that D.A. really IS weird. It’s like he vanished without a trace.
Things like that make me feel eerie and make my skin crawl, seriously.

You want to read something REALLY upsetting,
about what people in Power are really like, and the horrible things they do
(and members of both parties, folks), then google every article you can
about the 1982 disappearance of little Johnny Gosch of Iowa, who was abducted
by a pedophile ring while on his paper route in 1982. It is absolutely horrifying
to realize what the rich, powerful, and influential sometimes engage in.
Johnny’s mom runs one of the websites,
This is NOT for the faint of heart.
And the perps, apparently, are very HIGH RANKING people,
people you would probably never suspect and probably highly respect.
And her son is NOT dead, she has been in contact with him, and
he is in hiding for fear of his life.
Again, the story of Johnny is not for the faint of heart, so be warned.

Really powerful observations all around. I hate to bring up something so seemingly “churchy” but as dear Sister Nancy Kennedy said in high school religion class, “It’s not what you do it’s ‘why’ you do.” I have had to back-engineer why God would hammer us with the Fatima message of the Immaculate Heart as empowered to bring world peace. It’s not what we do, it’s ‘why’ we do–our purity of intent. And that’s not easily visible when folks are acting charitably and taking kids on sports outings, eh? So the invincibility and triumph of that purest of hearts, the Immaculate Heart, is of prime importance especially as the only way to give devotion to the Immaculate Heart is to strive to have purity of intent one’s self, to keep checking on ourselves to insure we retain a pure heart.

I have also had to embrace that powerful charism given to the Blessed Virgin to lovingly endure grievous sorrow while continuing to do God’s will “that the thoughts of all may be revealed.” This, too, must be of prime importance. Secrecy is a characteristic of Gnosticism and Babylonian Mystery Religions and Satanism and, for that matter, sin itself. God wanted the Gospel to be taught universally. No secret doctrines here. And sin is to be confessed to another. Augustine took it fully public. The point isn’t to humiliate the repentant, it is to reveal those chosing the darkness of secrecy. Secrecy like that is a type of lying, a censorship of truth. Let the Way, Truth and Life be known to all.

At my college, there was a degree of immunity from criminal charges for those dwelling in the athletic dorm. Yet the college system itself keeps a campus insular because, even though crime rates can be rather high, the reputation of the university is all. So there are campus police who may or may not pass on cases to the “real” cops. And I agree that Penn State should take a voluntary vacation from football.

I was, today, discussing the diabolic disconnect of sex from marriage; and marriage from bearing children; and I believe this has and will continue to lead to increased depravity. And it is to that end that I pray that “the thoughts of all may be revealed” and cleansed by the merciful Sacred Heart.

I had no idea Columbia used to have a football team. And no it does not seem to be hurting the school.

I do believe that if nothingn else, college football probably helps the schools indirectly, with increased donations from alumni, a larger applicant pool, and more grants.

Are you kidding me? Its where I played. Their football program goes back to 1870.

It was only banned from 1905-1915, but has been around since (even if it usually posts losing records).

Jack Kerouac, Sid Luckman, and others played there.

Rumors persist that the PA DA may be in the witness protection program. I have no opinion, but that has been dicussed numerous times on the MD sports & news airwaves.

Columbia has had a football team for as long as I’ve been following the sport.

I remember from the late 1960s on (through my teenage years) Columbia almost always had losing seasons. They usually got pounded by their opponents.

‘Jack Kerouac’? You mean, THE Jack Kerouac, the beatnik poet? I didn’t know he played football. (yikes…just shows how old I am :eek: :o )

Now Sid Luckman, yeah, I know about him. He played (or just coached) for the New York FOOTBALL Giants.

Yep, beatnick author Jack Keroac played 2 years there, I think. And their teams did have some big losing streaks. The early 90s, when I was there was a little better.

Either way, the Ivy League schools, even though they’re NCAA Div I, still operate on a much lower scale than high-profile teams that are ripe with player buyout perks, etc.

No I did not know, but I do now! I guess I am just following what is on TV. I knew there were some Ivy League schools with teams but I did not know Columbia was one of them. I am sure I will know a lot more about colleges after I search for schools for all of my kids…

That would be a reasonable explanation.

Now I am puzzled. I based my comments about columbia University on a New York Times article, published within the past week, that stated that Columbia had just re-established football this year.
In any case, non of the major sports seem to have the importance at Columbia, New York University, or for that matter CCNY, as they do at other universities. Non of these universities seem to be hurting for alumni contributions, grants, or students.

i remember when the DA first disappeared and the media covered the mystery.
i found the case interesting and i have followed it whenever i have seen anything about it.
i wasn’t aware of sandusky at the time. they mention he had also prosecuted a large drug case before disappearing. a real mystery. very eery now that the sandusky scandal has broken wide open.

I am working on a different angle. The lawyer Amos Goodall who represented Gricar’s daughter in the official declaration of hi death is a principal in the firm that the recused Judge on the Penn State Sandusky case works at. In other words, Atty Amos Goodall is Judge Leslie Dutchcot’s boss.

Amos Goodall’s son committed suicide. Was this suicide connected in any way to the Sandusky victims?

Please read the link below and if anyone can give me some ideas of who to talk to for this story I am developing I would appreciate your leads.

Dev Meyers

Another suicide at Penn State

interesting angle. the mystery deepens.

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