Penn & Teller; factless smear of the Church

IMO, you should be sad for having such a low opinion of the Church and for helping spread a terrible opinion that has no factual evidence whtsoever. In fact, the numbers of abuse drastically dropped after the 80s and the abuse crisis did not slam into the media until the 2000s–so it appears clear that the Church must have already been doing something long before it broke into the media, otherwise the abuses would have gone on through the nineties and early 2000s, and it is a fact that they did not.

I thought this was very revealing on their part when Penn and Teller were asked about Scientology:

you are really out of touch with the strong voice and actions of the Catholic League. check out the annual reports at their website for just 10 bucks and find out. just because you don’t follow it doesn’t mean the Catholic League doesn’t do anything. what are you doing about it?

This is the response that’s happening right now:

One of the sad things about this is that John Stossel faced a bigger backlash for criticizing elements of the public school system and teachers unions than these two will deal with. (Remember he did say there were good public schools but because of the fact that you are not given a choice of which public school you can attend only the rich have access to those decisions since they can afford to move. Stossel also praised charter schools.)

Oh well at least Penn & Teller got it right about The Church being 2,000 years old (approximately). I’ll pray for them and their viewers.

The title of the series succinctly sums up the contents of that episode.

Just a point of clarification.
Until the 1980’s child molestation was treated as a treatable psychological disorder. It was the norm to see several pages on a rap sheet with “deferred to counseling” “suspended:must complete psych counsel. prog.” Over and over again. Much like spousal battery and DUI, crimes against children were not considered significant. The Church, following prescribed pop psych went along with this loony belief. Those of us in the criminal justice system, at all levels, knew this was hokum, but the “progressives” were in charge and everyone was concerned about treating the offender at the expense of protecting the victim.

Once the molestation issue became the cause du jour, everyone was on the bandwagon, and the scapegoaters found an easy mark in the Church. Agreed, some bishops made the Church easy pickens by failing to comply with mandatory reporting laws that came into existence in the early 90’s. The Church however, was by no means the only culprit. Teachers, firemen, policemen, coaches, doctors, and a plethora of other occupations that held positions of trust were as often to offend as Catholic priests. To my recollection, priests offended in a percentage less than the general public, 1.8% as opposed to 2%, I believe.

The difference? Deep pockets and union contracts.

In two states, California and Washington, the Catholic Church is singled out for litigation involving ancient molestation claims. Powerful teacher and peace office unions protect their own, despite evidence of criminal activity. Priests are presumed guilty, and in many cases, the bishops settled cases where the priests were innocent.

I am not defending molesters, believe me, defending molesters has not been part of my life experience-ever. Molesting priests are not priests, IMO, they are sickkos in collars, just as molesting cops are crooks in cops clothing. I just want the issue looked at honestly.

Sorry for wondering. This is an injustice towards our Church that we as Catholics need to investigate and challenge.

You know, this kind of stuff gets under my skin.

However… I think we have to realize that anti-catholic things have been going on since day 1, when they crucified Jesus. Jesus Himself warns us that we are to expect persecution, turn the other cheek, and rejoice when others attack us over the faith, our reward will be great. Let’s ignore these bums, and then pray for them.:thumbsup:

Another interesting thing. When I google on this topic, the sites that seem to agree with P&T are virtually all either gay or athiest. It seems that this anti-catholic stuff resonates the most with them. I guess they are upset that we Catholics are not going along with their idea of morality or world view. I guess we should be glad that we are still being a light in a dark world.:thumbsup:

I have rebutted their arguments here on my Catholic blog, Lex Credendi.

It is quite sad that there are not more rebuttals out there, given that their litany of evils are often rebutted, when taken one at a time. It’s when we are steamrolled over by them that we Catholics shut up, just like we’re allegedly supposed to according to the Holy Office. :smiley:

We need to be strong in the face of the enemy. I used to enjoy Penn & Teller; they are talented magicians. Their political and religious acumen, however, is lacking. :rolleyes:

Donahue should take some of his money and buy airtime to rebut the false statements and lead people to factual resources that might help them see the truth.

THANK YOU, Aquinas98. Thank you. That’s the response I was waiting to hear from the Catholic League. Yes, it is regrettable that “rebuttals” seem to be a thing of the past (can’t dignify Penn & Teller with a response: nope, but let’s re-post the entire show for all to see - yeah, that makes perfect sense. :confused:)

I hope everyone who hooted and hollared about the Catholic League press release will take a moment to read the above cited blog, which does a credible and admirable job responding to anti-Catholic accusations.

Yes, we do need to be strong in the face of the enemy. Not pouty, like a pouty little baby picked on at the sandbox during recess at kindergarten. (Which is Mr. Donahue’s textbook m.o., like that’s somehow defending Catholics) But strong rebuttals and answers: "You’re wrong, and here’s why you’re wrong." Wow, what a novel concept.

I very much appreciate the efforts of Mr. Donahue and his organization. I could only stomach a few minutes of this vile and evil video. My friend had the same reaction. I most certainly do care and I am deeply offended to say the least. How can you not be?

I hope that others here will care enough to send the email as requested.:frowning:

Thank you, Aquinas98. An excellent point-by-point rebuttal. Some points that P&T made were disquieting, so I appreciate the careful analysis which rendered the accusations null & void.

I couldn’t watch it… :frowning:

I had to stop watching it. How horrible… :eek:

I wish I could do more than E-mail CBS. :frowning:

Two points:

  1. Penn and Teller are morons. They are penny-ante, moronic, worthless showmen who don’t know a thing about anything. They just make things up for entertainment value, they weigh in on topics they don’t understand, and they are hateful in general. They should be boycotted until their show ends.

  2. This isn’t a persecution. Persecutions involve martyrdoms. Persecutions involve actual legal discrimination, like when bishops were banned from Ireland or when St. Edmund Campion and St. Thomas More were killed. This is an insult to the Church, and we should respond appropriately. But we should never devalue the word persecution. This is words; how many Catholics have died, or been tortured for their faith?

Thank you very much Aquinas98. God bless you, you have stayed true to your name.

Thank you for making that point. I think we do ourselves a disservice when we call TV shows, movies and “Happy Holidays” persecution. It makes us look silly, first of all-but more importantly it devalues the experience and the stories of people who actually WERE persecuted for their faith, and those who still are in places around the world.

Penn and Teller are clearly NOT morons. Morons would not be capable of performing the stage show that they perform. In addition, I’ve heard Penn Jillette interviewed on various topics - primarily regarding libertarian politics - and he can certainly hold his own against any talking head out there. Obviously their show on the Vatican has struck a nerve on this forum. I suggest that a better retort would be to counteract their claims with factual rebuttals, rather than engaging in ad hominem attacks.

I agree, they are anything but morons. Penn is a libertarian athiest, so he’s going to be negative about ANY religion, not just Catholicism. On the other hand, there are issues where he and many Catholics would be surprised to find themselves in agreement. It’s likely many here would find a lot of agreement with their episode on taxes…

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