Pennsylvania and Wisconsin End Election Recount Efforts


Presidential election recount efforts in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin came to an end on Monday, with both states certifying Donald J. Trump as the winner in contests that helped put him over the top in the Electoral College tally.

Mr. Trump’s victory in Wisconsin was reaffirmed after a statewide vote recount showed him defeating Hillary Clinton by more than 22,000 votes.

In Pennsylvania, a federal judge issued a stinging rejection of a Green Party-backed request to recount paper ballots in that state’s presidential election and scan some counties’ election systems for signs of hacking.

The Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, successfully requested and paid for the Wisconsin recount, but the courts blocked her attempts for similar statewide recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan.




A quote I came across, regarding the Pennsylvania recount effort that was rejected by a judge:

“…second, there was no evidence of hacking or other interference with the voting technology. As expert from Carnegie Mellon said there’s a better chance of androids from another planet living with us than there was a chance of hacking, primarily because the voting machines are not connected to the internet…”

Why didn’t someone explain to Stein that the machines aren’t connected to the Internet? That would have saved a lot money, time, and tears.


Stein knew. This was a political stunt/attention grab/fund raiser


I don’t get it. Why does Jill Stein even care? Third parties (unfortunately) never win these days.


Of course, only she knows the answer to that. I imagine it plays well with her base of support who, even though they preferred Stein over Clinton, would have preferred Clinton over Trump. So many people were so shocked at the results that they eagerly latched on to any sort of explanation that could account for the results other than that Trump actually won those states that tipped the electoral college in his favor.


I gather, beyond trying to gain support for a system that allows third party candidates to compete, this article offers a possible benefit.




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