Pennsylvania House Speaker Calls on Democrat Governor to Conduct “Full Audit” of State Election

Pennsylvania House Speaker Calls on Democrat Governor to Conduct “Full Audit” of State Election

He’s listing numerous alleged improprieties.

The Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is calling upon Governor Tom Wolf to conduct a “full audit” of the state’s election, citing alleged improprieties, suppression of lawful poll observers, and rogue Pennsylvania Supreme Court rulings that ignored Pennsylvania election law.

Cutler announced he’d seek an audit in a virtual press conference on Saturday.

In a letter to the Governor, Speaker Bryan Cutler lays out a list of election irregularities that necessitate a full audit of the election. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court had ordered election officials to receive and count ballots that arrived at polling places after 8PM on election day, an act that Cutler is pointing to as a violation of the state constitution. US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has ordered the Pennsylvania elections authorities to segregate the ballots received after the lawful deadline, although they’re still included in Pennsylvania’s count.

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This is 2020, and has surprised us in many ways.

What if, and I mean what if. When the counts are audited and the courts settle. Trump wins.

Oh! Mo dang.

By the way. Congrats Biden if it is official.

Fair Elections are the key to a Democratic Republic. We must uncover the fraud, PUNISH THE OFFENDERS, and provide the proper remedy.

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For those familiar with such things some of that sort of rhetoric is ironically (especially considering about all the shouting about Trump’s opponents bringing in socialism) beginning to sound like propaganda posters from Stalin’s era or from any number of now failed states.

Especially lines like, ‘provide the proper remedy’. I sincerely doubt whether the proper remedy is meant to be a cup of hot sweet tea and a nice sticky bun either…

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