Pennsylvania mom says ‘crazy voices’ drove her to drown children


Sad news from my part of the country. A woman killed her 3 year old son and tried to do the same to her 6 year old son. Her justification for the attempted double murder sounds eerily similar to arguments I’ve heard from “pro-choice” advocates, including the idea that she was providing a better life for her third child by killing the other two and that those two were going to heaven, so it didn’t matter that she killed them.

Will this horror story help turn the tide back, even if just slightly, in the fight against abortion? God can bring great good out of even the evilest acts. What do you think?

If interested more can be read on the pro-choice rhetoric HERE and on the case HERE.

Please pray for this poor family.

Pax Christi.


Praying for this family…

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary,
that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection,
implored your help or sought your intercession,
was left unaided.
Inspired with this confidence,
I fly to you, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother;
to you do I come, before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful.

O Mother of the Word Incarnate,
despise not my petitions,
but in your mercy hear and answer me.



It if might help in the fight against abortion, mightn’t it also help in the fight against Christianity? If people are killing their kids to get them to heaven, that’s bad news.

Praying for the family.

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