Pennsylvania Opens Up A New Front In The Battle To Tame The American Criminal Justice System


This is very good news:

Small-time crime and arrest records will be sealed automatically for thousands of people [in Pennsylvania] under new legislation, dubbed the Clean Slate initiative, introduced by a large bipartisan group of lawmakers in Harrisburg. The Clean Slate initiative is the first of its kind in the nation. Several states from Ohio to Mississippi to California have reformed their record keeping laws in recent years as activists called attention to the lingering harms that even a simple arrest with no criminal charge can inflict. But Pennsylvania will be the first to automate the process, a significant step forward for people who don’t have the resources to petition the court for the kind of relief other states have made available.

Bravo, Pennsylvania!


I am a convicted felon. I committed a non-violent, non-destructive, non-trespass political crime and was arrested, jailed, and sentenced. I was a bona-fide political prisoner right here in the USA.
I was lucky. My conviction never prevented me from obtaining employment.
I think what we have now is a government at war with its people, with the “plant police” and all.
I’m pleased that Pennsylvania is sealing these records.


It does appear to be getting more distrustful if not antagonistic.


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