Pennsylvania politics in priest problems


Last minute wrangling over opening the statute of limitations for abuse victims


Would they allow other victims of sexual abuse sue their abusers? Can we get them to allow for the suit of public schools where abuse has occurred?


I haven’t read the legislation, but my presumption is that the law would have to apply to everyone.

After a quick read, there’s no mention of limiting who can be sued (Church, schools, etc.)


So far these laws have been written in a way to apply only to the Catholic Church. Public schools are exempt.


How so? Is there an exemption is Pennsylvania’s SB261 that I didn’t see?


It doesn’t matter.

The bill died last night. Nothing will be done.


I don’t know about this specific bill. But in general the laws have been written in such a way that they they only apply to private institutions and not to the more secular ones. So if you or your child was sexually abused in the Church or by the Boy Scouts then you may be able to get some kind of a big payout. However if your child is abused by a public school official (aka teacher, coach etc) then they are not covered in that type of legislation.


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