Pentagon gives pink slips to thousands of soldiers, including active-duty officers

Fox News:

Pentagon gives pink slips to thousands of soldiers, including active-duty officers

The Pentagon is laying off thousands of military officers, including those serving or who have recently served in Afghanistan. Defense Department officials said the reductions are the result of mandatory spending cuts imposed by sequestration and are part of their larger plan to reduce the number of U.S. soldiers from 520,000 to 450,000.
Roughly 2,600 captains and other officers have or will be laid off, with more expected, Fox News learned Friday.

The decision to send pink slips to soldiers overseas on active duty is dangerous and bad for morale, says retired Major Gen. Robert Scales.
“It puts the soldier, the soldier’s family and the men under his command at risk,” said Scales, a Fox News contributor. “Young officers look at each other and wonder who is next.”

He said the Pentagon made a similar move after the Vietnam War.
The Army said the draw-down plan “is a balanced approach that maintains readiness while trying to minimize turbulence within the officer corps.”
On Thursday, Gen. John Campbell told Congress that 1,100 soldiers, including some currently serving in Afghanistan, would receiving pink slips due to sequestration budget cuts to the Defense Department.

I wonder how many officer/bureaucrats in the Pentagon have gotten their pink slips?

RIFs are nothing new to military life. Your premise is emotional, not logical.

They generally give them to inactive servicemen though, not those currently stationed in hostile territory. I think that’s the major point here.

Nah, they’re budget driven and they’re applied by whatever’s legal at the time the cuts come. The last time they did them when I was in, most officers had reserve commissions since most officers came through ROTC or OCS and got reserve commissions, they had to request to become regular. In the Navy, you needed to request and be approved prior to making 04 (folks being cut here are 03s, Army/USAF/USMC Capts, Navy LTs) Acadamy graduates received regular commissions. So, last time it was the poorest performing officers with reserve commissions. Any academy grad was safe. Folks on deployment were getting notifications they were being cut. At the same time SECDEF was sending messages thanking everyone ‘at the edge of the spear’ for the fantastic jobs they were doing. I’ve heard that since that time, even the academy graduates are given reserve commissions initially, just like ROTC and OCS.

The navy doesn’t do reserve and regulate commission anymore. Bush did away with that system in the early 2000s. When I received my naval commission through OCS Pensacola. When we hit the fleet, we had to get our wing or pin in 18-24 months. Whoever didn’t make it, received a thank you letter and was sent home. There was no second chance.

The Navy kicked a bunch of air and surface attrite officers out in 2002 to 2006. I was fortunate. I received my commission in the 90s and didn’t have to deal with the cut in the 2000s. I never bothered to augment my reserve commission to regulate because I was planning to get out. Then, Bush arrived and abolished it. So, I became regulate officer without doing anything.

I receive my warfare designation on the toughest platform in the navy, the USS Essex, helo carrier. Many officers were let go from big deck (ship). The navy doesn’t allow newly commission officers onto carriers anymore as their first duty.

By the way, the navy is still kicking people out as part of a wider military downsizing. Enlisted folks are mostly affected by this downsize.

Huh, ok then. Thank you for the correction, and the information ^^ Also, thank you for the service.

I don’t think most civilians realize that the officer corps is an up-or-out system with congressionally mandated promotion/firing rates at each rank.

Thanks for your service, I did a tour on PELELIU. The folks on the nuke carriers like to talk about how busy their flight deck is— but they have no appreciation for trying to run flight deck and well deck operations at the same time.

Its no different for enlisted folks…there are time gates to make promotion, or you go home…the days of 20 years with a retirement as an E5 (Sgt, or Second Class Petty Officers) went away years ago.

Even now an E9 has to have some pretty unique and hard pressing circumstances to stay beyond 30 years…Peleliu…nice craft…I retired on the Wood (LHA3), back in 1993.

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