Pentagon studying protesters to prep for ‘mass civil breakdown’



What else is new? Clandestine Federal Intelligence groups have been infiltrating and “studying” dissent groups since the late 1960’s.
If our country ever undergoes civil/social unrest and change such as like what happened during the 1960’s, there is no way the “Powers that be” will allow that kind of dissent again.
At the first sign of trouble the dissenters and their sympathizers will be locked up in Camps until either the crisis is over and/or the dissenters are rehabilitated. And, the courts will not be able to do anything about it.
And yes, it will be the end of the US as we know it today, because the public at large will roll over and play dead…as long as their pocketbook and consumerism way of life is not threatened by it.


Anthony, why are all your posts so divisive?


They aren’t divisive in themselves. Some of the articles I post are about the bad and suspect things that government is doing,which everyone should know about. People are already strongly divided in their opinions regarding government and politicians and policies. That does not mean that we should avoid acknowledging facts that are disturbing. The bad intentions and actions of government officials should be made known.


He may like the idea of being divisive. However, if what he says is true we should not be surprised. Bush had all kinds of new prisons built during his time in office (Both Bushes) and this country has more people in prison or jail than any other one in the world.


This is pure propaganda. Also, check the ownership of the Washington Times. Since the late 1960s, every intelligence organization has done scenario after scenario to address this, along with actual operations to counter this, including the FBI. See COINTELPRO.

And the propaganda is being spread here. I think people need to realize we still live in feudal times in the United States. Yes, the robes and crowns are gone, but the same people, the wealthy aristocracy (old money) and the new aristocracy (new money, and sometimes less sophisticated than than their multi-generational counterparts) are firmly in control as they’ve always been. Money, control of other countries in terms of exports and imports, and gaining access to land and resources.

The king would send his trusted spies dressed as commoners to walk among the commoners to hear what they were saying and see what they were doing into order to protect the realm. This is now known as counter-intelligence.

Sorry - but this is nonsense. In the event of any tiny, little breakout of any civil unrest - I’m talking about a handful of people - there would be an instant reaction where the protesters could not hold out for more than days. Perhaps, a week.

The economy must keep running. That is the most important thing. Money needs to keep changing hands 24 hours a day.

A little research will reveal that this is not a viable threat at this time. Do people have stockpiles of arms and ammunition? Yes. Will they have enough food and water to hold out for very long? No.

And Target can’t afford to lose the money while “mass civil unrest” is going on outside. I could go into more detail but shouldn’t. The trigger scenarios are well-known.



The predicaments leading to social unrest include financial crises due to incredible levels of debt, high oil prices due to peak oil, and high food prices, business disruption, and other effects of environmental damage and global warming.


Anthony, good on you for posting this. Catholics shouldn’t be ignorant of what’s going on in the world.

The militarization of the police and federal alphabet agencies, rampant corruption, lies, spying, leaving our borders wide open, political targeting by the IRS, the blatant disregard for the will of the people, labeling veterans, patriots, constitutionalists and Christians as “potential threats”… The message is loud and clear: they’re preparing for war with the American people.


Global warming is a lie.


War? That is an outlandish thought. Who will run the factories? War requires both sides to be well armed. Who will fight armed helicopters, drones and National Guard troops with armored vehicles? A handful of snipers placed in strategic locations, along with aerial and on the ground surveillance, placed in strategic locations could do the job. The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr, was targeted by such groups during the very real civil unrest going on in the late 1960s. I was there, in Detroit, as National Guard troops, with jeeps with machine-guns on swivel mounts, entered the areas where the worst rioting was occurring.

The message is loud and clear: Warnings will be issued to those groups who plan or have the capability to do harm to the United States through the media on a regular basis. Who guarded certain buildings owned by the wealthy during the looting that went on after Hurricane Katrina? A group of highly trained, well-armed, professional mercenaries on the payroll of a company called Blackwater. Do people know, care or remember? Most don’t.



This doesnt surprise me one bit, I think the Govt has probably been doing a bit more to prepare for such an event than we think too, and this is what they chose to let be released to the public, Id say the real 'meat and potatoes 'details are kept very secret.

Plus, if something happens here towards the end of 2014 into early 2015 regarding the major breakdown of the financial system, Ive heard this being talked about many different places and by some pretty high up people in the financial world…seems they have seen this coming for awhile. so I think when/ if this happens, we will probably see troops in the streets, martial law imposed, and other laws that will probably not sit well with people.

The Govt knows how to disrupt a ‘fringe’ group if it needs to, they can literally turn off the internet, and most cell phone services, so people could not communicate or execute plans, they know how to deal with these types of events, the only thing they cant control is what the majority of the population does in reaction, but I think with the govt successfully having many americans 100% brainwashed, those people will be easy to control, as they will listen to and obey anything they are told to do, whether its from mainstream media, local police, or govt troops. lol


I have to say I got a kick out this. Cell phones and internet are not necessary for communication (at least not for those old enough to remember a time when computeres and cellphones weren’t common). Shutting them down might (big might) slow things down, but it won’t stop people from communicating and carrying out plans.

Our founders were a fringe group. Look how that turned out. Never underestimate the power of motivated people.


The world was supposed to end in 2012, and in 2000 and in…



IPCC conclusions were confirmed by the NAS.

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