Pentagon swamp gets drained. CIA & FBI swamp draining next?

When Biden undoes Trump’s peace initiatives and involves us in another war, don’t come here crying.

CIA and FBI have been resisting Trump’s calls for declassification of all Russiagate material. What we’ve seen so far has exposed the hoax that it was all along. What we now need to see is the perpetrators caught in the crimes they were plotting. So it’s long past time for a change of leadership. Brennan, in particular, has been extremely indignant. Probably because he knows the declassification will expose his nefarious role?

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Yes i think President Trump has been absolutely brilliant with his anti war Presidency and that is at risk post Trump.

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I think Trump has harmed US national security by his messing with the intelligence agencies.

" President Trump called the intelligence chiefs who served under Barack Obama “dirty cops” and “sleazebags,” while he has continued to feud with the agencies and his own appointed directors. He bristled at their conclusion that Russia interfered in the 2016 election in support of his campaign and tried to do the same in 2020. At a 2018 Helsinki summit, he said Russian President Vladimir Putin told him “it’s not Russia.” When intelligence officials testified counter to his views on Iran and North Korea, Trump tweeted they were “extremely passive and naive.” He added, “Perhaps Intelligence should go back to school!” In 2019, he called the FBI “badly broken”; this year, he said the FBI was letting members of the far-left antifa movement “get away with ‘murder.’”

Unsatisfied with his own appointed director of national intelligence, Daniel Coats, Trump nominated a replacement in 2019, John Ratcliffe, saying “the intelligence agencies have run amok.” This fall, Ratcliffe said that, at Trump’s request, he was declassifying documents related to the 2016 campaign — which Trump quickly used to press his false case that the Democrats were responsible for the Russia probe. Trump tweeted that he has authorized declassifying all documents to expose “the single greatest political CRIME in American History, the Russia Hoax.” Now his lawyers are fighting to keep the documents from being released. In September, when his appointed FBI director, Christopher A. Wray, told Congress that the Russians were at it again — while downplaying the threat of ballot fraud and antifa — Trump told reporters, “I did not like his answers.”

“When you pound the Justice Department and pound the intelligence community as being corrupt, incompetent, making up stories about what they do, it’s enormously demoralizing for those institutions,” says Jack Goldsmith, the former Justice Department official. “It reduces the legitimacy of those institutions in the eyes of the country.”"


This type of draining is known as a purge, . . .


So if Biden removes all of Trumps picks will you also implicitly link Biden to Stalin?


No. That would be different. Every president set his own administration. Sorry if you do not like me calling this a purge. I do not like my country’s military being called a swamp. It is an insult to our leaders who serve the country over political partisanship.

Yes, Biden could do something petty like a purge. I doubt it. He is mature adult.


Yes, I suppose Stalin did ‘drain some swamps’ in his time. It makes for chilling reading, and still perplexes historians as to what his objective was.

Fortunately Trump is prevented from going the routes Stalin went and shooting people as he does it. Stalin’s purges effectively destroyed army effectiveness and if you ever had the chance to speak to people who fought in the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War many would tell you they felt this caused severe issues in combat, obviously they weren’t saying that when he was alive though as critiquing Mr. Mustache was a route to career blockage at the very least.

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Paranoia, the man seems to have become increasingly paranoid and seen enemies lurking in every corner. My wife’s grandfather was a young NCO and than a young officer in the closing years of Stalin’s time and pointed out senior officers made sure to drill it into people’s heads to shut up with regard to him and follow the party line. My wife’s grandfather was despite being actually a believer in communism not the greatest fan of Stalin. Family feeling is that given the late Col. also couldn’t shut his mouth if you paid him to shut his mouth this probably blocked his chances of ever going further up the ranks than he did and that he only went so far as he did due to his serve in the Great Patriotic War and a generally exemplary record. Colonel is a middling rank for a career officer in the Soviet armed forces to achieve and many other people he served with retired a couple of ranks higher. On the other hand given he was stuck with operational command of a base in protected city which not even other Soviet citizens could visit without permission that was interesting. Command of these bases was sort of an insult and a compliment at the same time as they used soldiers of proven ability to do it but also they also tended to stick mavericks in there as well so they could keep an eye on them.

I think maybe Trump’s goodness is what really prevents him from shooting government people he doesn’t like. The same as most of us i would hope. The idea that President Trump is a Stalin in waiting is not borne out at all by his presidential record. Much the opposite i would say.

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Even as he refuses to concede an election he clearly lost?


And it rather backfired on him, as it usually does when some sycophant wants only those around him to tell him what he wants to here. His military was drained of leadership at the onset of WW2.

Not only the military but also the secret police, intelligence service, foreign service and science and engineering academies. No one was safe, or off limits. The Western governments watching this happen couldn’t figure out why he was creating such a bloodbath, but given that they opposed the communist revolution they weren’t necessarily rushing to object to it either.

He was definitely paranoid. In Stephen Kotkin’s multi-volume biography of Stalin, however, he attempts to explain the purges as an effort by Stalin to get younger, more malleable people into those technocratic positions; he knew that no matter how competent or loyal the people killed in the purges were, they were ultimately replaceable.

I think it was an aspect of his statecraft and a way to increase his power by terrifying everyone working under him. But even that doesn’t seem to encompass the madness of it.

There is no requirement to concede a race. Even if he were to concede, and it were later be determined that actually won, he would still be the winner. Concession makes for good press, nothing more.

I just think it shows his utter contempt for democratic norms and processes, and by extension for the voting public of the United States. So yeah, not unlike a dictator.


So wanting to make sure that the election was conducted properly is being a dictator? I guess my definition was out of date…

Absolutely lacking in senior officers at the start of the Great Patriotic War, this is why you had people like my wife’s grandfather suddenly being trained to fill gaps in junior officer ranks. He started out as a partisan, then was a NCO and tank commander and then got sent of to train as an officer near the close of the war. Because all the available officers of any worth had to be promoted to fill a lot of gaps and this caused chaos and disorder. Also some people didn’t even want to be promoted figuring that was a quick route to death in a new purge sooner or later.

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I recall someone younger once asking my wife’s grandfather and some older soldiers why they fought for Stalin. His reply was, ‘Young man we did not fight for Comrade Stalin, we fought for the Rodina.’ Many people in the military weren’t the biggest fans of the man but you do hope to generally go home at the end of the day and not get executed so people got on with their jobs. Even figures Zhukov were not immune to his critiques and it is only the fact that Zhukov tended to not give a heck whom he annoyed and the more important fact that he was successful that saved him, it is noteworthy that post WW2 Stalin seemed to see him as a potential threat to his power and moved him into roles not really befitting the statute of such a commander and did that with several other major military figures.

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