Pentagon swamp gets drained. CIA & FBI swamp draining next?

That would be an interesting thing to see. It is even possible Pence would run against him in the primary.

But, no nepotism of that nature hasn’t been seen in forever. The closest I can remember is Robert Kennedy being appoint AG, but at least in that case he had qualifications.

Both of the Bush’s had family better equipped to serve in government but knew it was simply not appropriate. This is why the current president (and his kids) calling Washington any thing a swamp quite hypocritical.


Will you still support his claims of fraud when the courts all rule against him (which they will, because he has so far presented no evidence)?

Because he won’t accept the rulings of the courts as legitimate.

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How does any of that lead to the idea that he wants to initiate a military coup?

You said:

Where is the proof that the Democrats have attempted a military coup against Trump? Again my glasses must be faulty… or dirty… because I have seen no evidence of one.

Given to hyperbole much?

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The public whining about Afghanistan has already begun with a tearjerker story in the LA Times about the big bad Taliban and their victims. Nothing but a setup to condition us into accepting the continuation of the eternal war without further objections. I won’t dignify this with a link.

Why aren’t we spending that money to take care of our own? Surely there are many open hands other than the MIC? Why doesn’t BLM protest against this, sure they couldn’t think of a better purpose for the funds spent there?

I think we need to apply that old saw to Trump tweets.

The only serious coup attempt in US history came from right wing conservatives, not the left.


First of all evidence has been brought forward, secondly evidence in its entirety is reserved for the court room and thirdly supporting the right to go through the legal process and supporting what is claimed are two different things.

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