In the Pentateuch I heard that Moses assembled these books and even could be the author of the these books? Can anyone give some insight?

Well in the NT it says : John wrote: “The law was given through Moses” (John 1:17), meaning he wrote the last in the pentatuech.

Exodus 34: 27, "Then the Lord said to Moses, “Write down these words, for in accordance with them I have made a convenant with you and with Israel.”

Then if you read further, Moses spent 40 days and nights not eating and drinking and writing the 10 commandments, and the laws.

I’m pretty certain that Jews accept Moses as the author of the Pentateuch as well.

Hope this helps!

That is tradition but I think you will find the stories of Moses’ death and some later events so it is tough for Moses to be a sole author. Is there something specific you are looking for?

A scripture study I’m doing states that a group of editors blended all four traditions together to create the Pentateuch. Then in a podcast I heard someone state that Moses alone was the author. But he did say that this is up to much debate. Looking to deepen my faith with **reason and truth (scripture) **but this seems to be more challenging than it seems.

Are you or did you read one of the ~Who wrote the Bible or Where we got the Bible~ type books ? I read one which was a bit misnamed because it really was about the Pentateuch it makes the case based on 1)information which could not exist when Moses was alive, 2) Writing styles, 3) the history of religious splits in Isreal. I think I read Richard Elliott Friedman book.

I believe it was written partly by Moses and partly by someone else. If you read through it, the point of view of the author changes.In some parts, Moses is referred to in the third person (he did this, he did that). In other parts, it switches to first person, (I did this,* I* did that).
Maybe some future author took the writings of Moses and “patched” them into a narrative of the events. This would explain the anachronisms in certain areas.

THere was a longstanding tradition among Christians and Jews that Moses wrote the Pentateuch. As Catholics, we are free to believe that or not.

Most scholars reject the idea, if for no other reason that the Pentateuch includes an account of Moses’ death.

A popular opinion is that Moses wrote most of it, but Joshua (his successor) finalized it.

A mainstream theory suggests that the Pentateuch was a compilation of four (or maybe more) sources that were based on oral tradition, eventually got written down in various times and places, and ultimately were collated to give the final product we know as the Pentateuch (probably in the 6th or 5th century B.C.)

Some decades ago, before computers were so common, a computer was programmed to perform a complex literary analysis of the Torah in Hebrew.

The result of the analysis stated that it was mostly the work of one author, with a few additions by others.

Can you give me a link to this or a reference point?

I do not know about the “computer” but back in post #5 the reference to Richard Elliott Friedman’s book, he covers that information, documents well, and explains many, many earlier works contributed to the current understanding

It would be interesting to learn more about that, if you have more info I’m sure we’d appreciate it. Sounds fascinating.

Still, it’s not what the Church teaches although Catholics are free to believe it.

I did a search and here is the link talking about the book “Who Wrote the Bible.”

I don’t have a clue on if this is credible.

Seems like a reasonable, balanced q&a regarding the Documentary Hypothesis. Thanks. Nothing I read is contradictory to Catholic faith, seems pretty mainstream (though many scholars don’t currently hold the E source to be as significant as may have been earlier suggested). Thanks again.

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