Pentecost: Holy Spirit Communities


Sisters of the Holy Spirit, Pittsburgh, PA:

Sisters of the Holy Spirit, Cleveland, OH:

Sisters of the Holy Spirit & Mary Immaculate, San Antonio, TX:

Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters, USA:

Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, Philadelphia, PA:

Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, St. Louis, MO:

Daughters of the Holy Spirit, Nigeria:


St. Vincent Pallotti said he spiritually dwelt in the Cenacle. He also foresaw the role of the laity in the Church.

Pallottine Fathers & Brothers, US:

Pallottine Sisters, US:

New Community:

Cenacle Sisters of the Sacred Heart (Pallottine spirituality), India:


Men’s orders:

Missionaries of the Holy Spirit:

Congregation of the Holy Spirit (Spiritans):

Brothers of the Holy Spirit (Ukranian Rite):

Servants of the Paraclete:


I knew I was leaving someone off:

Spiritan Sisters:

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There are several “comendadora” orders, which were the nuns attached to the military orders. One, founded in the 1100s, was dedicated to the Holy Spirit. Some of their houses are cloistered, others are more active.

The nuns in Cadiz have many videos.


Order of the Holy Spirit, Sevilla:

Order of the Holy Spirit, Cadiz:

Order of the Holy Spirit:


The Order of the Holy spirit is also in France, but not sure how many convents they have.There is also the Mission Sisters of the Holy Spirit in Michigan.They are listed in the book Convent Life by Joan Lexau,and in A Guide to Catholic Sisterhoods in the United States by Rev.Thomas P.McCarthy.I forgot where they are located in Michigan.They don’t have a website.


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