Pentecost Traditions

Do you, your parish or your family have any special traditions for Pentecost?

Many people in our parish wear something red to mass. This is the first year I am remembering to do so. :slightly_smiling_face:


Two years ago, my first year reverted, Father asked people to wear red. Our new priest hasn’t mentioned it but I still dug out a bit of red from the deep, dark recesses of my closet ( I don’t like wearing red so I don’t own much of it). Off to Mass! Cheers!


In the Byzantine Rite, green is the color for Pentecost. The altar cloths are green, the vestments are green, and the church is decorated with greenery. Some parishes practically turn their temples into an indoor forest.

We are on vacation this week and I’m so sad to have to miss it. I’ll be going to a Spanish Mass, full of red. I think it might be something special, though, as the parish has combined the 9:00 Mass and the 11:00 Mass into a single Mass at 10:00, for the feast. I’m looking forward to it.


“Creation is a slave - the Spirit sets free. Creation stands in need of life - the Spirit is the Life-Giver. Creation needs instruction - the Spirit is the Teacher. Creation is sanctified - the Spirit is the Sanctifier.” [St. Basil the Great ]



Love the green! I’ve got green on today too :slight_smile:

Happy Pentecost!

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And we have special prayers as we begin kneeling again.


Our church encourages fire colors too. I have young children so I’m in an overthink spiral about festivities we could do that I’m not sure would stand the test of time as they grow up.

Things that might stick:
Praying the Holy Spirit Novena leading up to Pentecost or teaching them the Come Holy Spirit prayer

Things that are festive and fun but we may outgrow:
Birthday cake for the Church
Fruit salad(if we can evem find 12 different fruits)


It seems every year only a few of us remember to wear red to Mass in our parish. I was surprised that the lead lector lady and her assistants didn’t.

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Fire colors. Fire burns in all sorts of colors! :grin::fire: pyrosmiles


I wear red to mass.

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Not only fire :fire: is the symbol of Pentecost but wind as well.

We had a homily on the Holy Spirit as wind.


I wish I had known this. I did notice many in our little choir wore red and wondered if there was any connection. Next year!

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Nothing special in my parish apart from red flower decorations. We usually make a big deal out of Trinity Sunday instead when we often have the Sacrament of Confirmation and/or a barbeque after High Mass. Kids are out of school from about June 5th until 14th depending upon age and local county council.

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We had a bunch of people wear red to Mass last night (a different parish than we usually go to). I’d never seen that before, but it was really nice.

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We are gearing up for a pastoral change and our 20th Annual Corpus Christi Procession


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