Pentecostal, Evangelical....why can't I prove you wrong?!

Hi I was Christened as a baby into the Church of England, had absolutely nothing to do with any Church for 44 years, then 3 years ago Jesus changed my heart and life during a evangelical Church event I had been invited to. I literally left that meeting a changed person, which I wasn’t expecting at all, as I had only given my life to Christ to avoid going to hell. I immediately stopped swearing, blashpheming, found I could’t listen to certain music anymore, had revelations about how wrong I had been conducting my life, wanted to help people (before this life changing moment, I has strictly been an animal person, and truly thought the world would be a much nicer place if there were less people in it…) So you can imagine my excitement when I subsequently read in my bible "Ezekiel 11:19

“And I will give them a new heart, and put a new spirit within them. And I will take the heart of stone out of their flesh and give them a heart of flesh”

This is EXACTLY what had happened to me! Since that day at the church, I have been passionate about Jesus, finding out all about Him through my bible, getting baptised, attending Church and I’m absolutely consumed with telling people all about Him and what He is able to do for them. People cannot recognise me from my old self (for the better, I may add!) So much so, that my Church has proposed sending me on an Evangelists training course next January. I spend much of my day in communion with the Lord, and singing worship songs, and I pray about all major decisions, and for other people. All of this is totally natural to me, and I cannot imagine life without Jesus.

Non of my friends are Christians, they are mainly agnostic or atheist. My husband is Catholic. I went to a Catholic school for 3 years (ages 11-14). My husband literally goes to Church out of duty, he comes out as unmoved as when he goes in. My experience of Catholic Church (please don’t be offended here, this is just my personal experience) is that it is quite a cold event. I do not sense the Holy Spirit touching peoples lives, people seem pretty unmoved in general. (having said that I have met ONE lady who is as on fire for Jesus as I am) Although I have spoken to Catholics from other countries, esp the Latin American ones, and they say their services are much more lively. I really wanted my husband to experience the love and grace I have received, so went on a mission to try and disprove the Catholic faith. At first it seemed fairly easy and I spent many a happy hour underlining verses in my Bible to show him how misguided he was. This (obviously) went down like a lead balloon.

However, the strangest thing has happened. The more I read and learn about all the different denominations of the protestant Church, the more confused I get. They can’t all be right! So if the Spirit leads us into all truth, who is right and who is wrong? I have been taught that We, the people, are the Church. Not a building. But when it says in the Bible if you can’t resolve to your differences with a fellow believer, take it to the Church, who on earth is it referring to? I am also now questioning the whole “once saved, always saved” Why did the apostles spend so much of their letters warning people to perservere, if we can literally sit back and enjoy the ride? And what about “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”? My pastor and the elders in the Church don’t give definitve answers, and infact many of them say opposing things. They can’t all be right! It seems far too an important issue to be unsure of.

So, to get to my point. Quite annoyingly, if I’m honest, my Bible makes a lot more sense if I read it from a Catholic perspective. I find myself becoming more and more drawn to the stability of the Catholic Church. I attended a 7 week course with my husband at his Church about what it means to be a Catholic and I was impressed with the call for evangelism and the Holy Spirit. My problem is Mary and the Saints. I just don’t feel the need to add anything to my already rock solid relationship with Jesus.

Would this prevent me from looking into becoming a Catholic?

God bless you all
Your sister in Christ

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