What are some of major heresies spreading with the Pentecostal “Church”

I don’t think there are any more heresies with the pentecostal church then any other protestant group. They deny the sacrements, believe in sola scriptura and sola fida. That’s pretty much all protestantism

Some, such as the “Oneness” Pentecostal movements, deny the Holy Trinity.

The main doctrinal distinctive of Pentecostalism is the belief that the gift of the Holy Spirit is a separate, distinct event from justification and that the only valid initial sign of having received the gift of the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues.

Most Protestants disagree with both points.

There are significantly better ways to ask this question.

The Pentecostal Church has brought many a soul to Jesus. I have seen it change lives over night, the Holy Spirit did not sow seed on rocky ground. To this day these people live exemplary lives. They love Jesus and do not judge Catholic or Jew.

Not all of us necessarily feel the urge to be politically correct.

Just because they claim to bring people to Christ doesn’t mean they do.

By their works you shall know them. A bad tree cannot bear good fruit.

Hey, I don’t feel any need to sugar-coat ideas, either. Just saying that there are better ways to ask questions about other faiths, especially in a forum that exists for safe and charitable discussion, and has frequent non-Catholic visitors who are kind enough to answer questions about their respective faiths. That’s all.

Didn’t mean to go all wanna-be mod, there. Just saying the OP could have said, “What, specifically, do Pentecostal churches teach that Roman Catholics disagree with?” Or something to that effect. The quotations around the word church also imply disrespect.

We can certainly disagree, but there’s no need to belittle or offend.

If I were Pentacostal, I would probably say, " we have no heresies". :shrug:


Heresy: an opinion or doctrine at variance with established religious beliefs; especially, dissention from or denial of Roman Catholic dogma by a professed believer or baptized church member.
American Heritage Dictionary

Do we need look to other religions to find this?

or some quality of Christan respect obviously. And so the perpetuation of name calling lives on.

:thumbsup: By definition, the formal charge of ‘heresy’ can only apply to a member of a given faith who objects to teachings of said faith. So a Pentecostal, having never been Roman Catholic, could not therefore be considered guilty of heresy. The original questions could be asked in a more correct, and sensitive, way.

The Orthodox Church does not make claims about where the Holy Spirit is not. Does the Catholic Church have a similar belief?

First, Pentecostalism is not a “church;” it is a movement of churches and individuals. Some Pentecostal congregations are part of denominations; some of these denominations consider themselves “churches” in the strict sense (like the Church of God in Christ and the Church of God [Cleveland, TN]) but other denominations consider themselves “cooperative fellowships” of local churches [such as the Assemblies of God]). On the other hand, some Pentecostal congregations are independent and unaffiliated with any denomination; this is usually termed the “unorganized” or “independent” Pentecostal movement.

Second, from the perspective of classical Pentecostals, some heresies that we are concerned about is the prosperity gospel and some of the more excessive prophetic and apostolic movements.Oneness Pentecostalism is always a concern as well, but its been around since 1914. It’s not really new.

Charismatic Catholics are part of the Pentecostal Movement. :thumbsup:

Yes. Very sad.

It is impossible for any dogma to limit God.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are spelled out in Holy Scripture. They were given to the church on the day of Pentecost. They did not go away.

Shame on anyone who exploits or terrorizes because of them. Some preachers have used it for a way of control and it has harmed and driven away people from church.

Real manafestations of the gifts, when seen, cannot be denied. fakes commit sin.

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