'People are eating cats': Starvation, deaths plague Syria camp



Sources say that in Yarmouk Camp, just south of Damascus, more than 80 people have died since the beginning of the year, most of them children.

This is not only a crime against humanity, but is against international law. Why not more public outcry for those suffering starvation?

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Have compassion! See the injustices that exists but are largely removed from society’s eyes!


I’ll try once again, Robert; what is the solution?


I would start with better education within society. I would also suggest international intervention of some sort, even if it means the military. The governments of the world need to see that these types of crimes against humanity will not be tolerated! If international law has been broken, the nations of the world need to respond with some sort of effective action!

LOVE, brother!


Pray for them.


The so-called “rebels” (Islamic extremist terrorists) and the countries that egged them on are the ones to blame for this since they are the ones who started Syria’s civil war.


The problem isn’t a lack of food. The problem is that no one is distributing the food that is more than available. The governments would rather spend the money they have to distribute the food on the distribution of contraception instead. Education is wasted on spreading the lies of overpopulation, global warming, etc and not on life skills that would uplift the poor.

Do you really expect me to believe that you or anyone else is going to support military action in order to remedy starvation? I really don’t believe that since I see so many people blasting the military anytime it is deployed, regardless of the circumstances. If the military did get involved, they would get blamed for making the situation “worse than before.”

I am so tired of the US being blamed for every problem and called a bully around the world. Anytime a situation happens, we are asked to help. If we help, we are called a bully and tyrannical. If we don’t help, we are called uncaring and accused of ignoring the problem. We are in a no win situation, and even our own citizens are against us


I would think that the international nations enforce international law. Why have international law if justice is never sought?

LOVE! :slight_smile:


The US keeps getting blamed because our leader keeps encouraging these civil wars with his speeches. And this was what often comes from it.


If only we lived in the simple world that Robert envisions.

International law has been broken. So lets just intervene militarily. Except of course the Russians are Syria’s biggest sponsor. If we intervine militarily, the Russians will be left with no alternative but to intervene on behalf of their ally. So . . . in an effort to save several thousand people from starving, we start a war in which at least “millions” will die, assuming it doesn’t completely destroy civilization as we know it. (Billions dead - but hey our hearts were in the right place)


You’re taking a rather lame position of maintaining the status quo by not intervening in a crime against humanity. Imagine us having said that about the Holocaust? Innocent people being starved to death, but not in our backyard, so let us turn a blind eye!

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It’s a civil war, Robert, with many factions fighting each other. There is no simple solution.


There very well may not be a ‘simple’ solution, but human rights violations are most serious matters that must be addressed. All avenues must be considered, but the human rights of those being violated needs to placed high on the human values scale.


Robert, seriously your history is pretty skewed. The holocaust had NOTHING to do with us entering WWII. We were quite happy to remain on the sidelines untill we were attacked, both directly at Pearl Harbor, and less directly by the attacks on our merchant vesssels in the Atlantic.

You are taking a rather lame position by willy nilly calling for military intervention that could easily lead to a nuclear holocaust in order to engage some ill defined humanitarian effort. Get a clue, seriously.


I never meant to imply that we entered WWII because of the Holocaust. Rather, imagine the same type of Jewish Holocaust happening today and us looking the other way?

LOVE! :slight_smile:


You know the British bombing the rail lines that led into the camps made the starvation a thousandfold worse right?


Robert, it’s easy to say that the international community should get into Syria…but see what happened to a good doctor who tried to help. How do you get past this type of mentality.
This is the sort of treatment one gets, instead of being able to help, tortured and murdered:


The international community is not dealing with a natural disaster, where helping is more direct and simple…although even then humanitarian aid doesn’t get in to those who need it a often supplies are highjacked by officials, and both kept for themselves or also sold to the people who were supposed to receive it as free donation.

Your US government response:



UN: Syria starving people into submission

UN condemns what it calls Syria government “starvation until submission” campaign, saying 250,000 people are trapped.

Syrian government forces are waging a campaign of siege warfare and starvation against civilians as part of a military strategy, according to a United Nations report.

The UN’s independent Commission of Inquiry said on Wednesday that Syrians were being “denied humanitarian aid, food and such basic necessities as medical care, and must choose between surrender and starvation”.

The report condemned what it called a “starvation until submission campaign.”

The commission said more than 250,000 people remain under siege in Syria, with the report covering a litany of war crimes and crimes against humanity carried out by both sides from mid-July last year to January 20.

It singled out 20,000 people trapped in Yarmouk refugee camp with no food or medical supplies, according to the AFP news agency.

“People have nothing to eat, having exhausted all their supplies and resorted to eating plant leaves… reports of deaths from starvation were received,” the report said.

Opposition groups had also laid siege to areas, including the towns of Nubul and al-Zahraa in Aleppo province, as well as part of the al-Ghab valley in the central province of Hama, the UN report said.


At least they have a choice. Let’s see; continue fighting a civil war against the legitimate authority, be killed or starved to death, or surrender and bring all of the suffering on both sides to an end. Which should they choose…:confused:


Why wait for the government to step in. Do it yourself. I’m sure there are flights into Syria. And grocery stores on the way. You might have to dodge some bullets to get the food to them, but what’s a little risk when others are in need?


And then move on to North Korea. It’s even worse there.

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