People cutting in line


What’s the appropriate response when a bunch of people in mass cut in line? I went to a healing mass yesterday and instead of everyone waiting their turn about 200 people from the back ran up to the front of the church and cut off everyone that was in front of them. The ushers didn’t do a single thing and eventually when I was able to bypass the traffic jam of people I told the ushers that they needed to tell the people to move back and let those who got here first go first. The usher’s reply was “that would be a disaster”

My response was “it already is”

What are we supposed to do when people cut people in line at church? It’s good that the blessed sacrament was exposed because otherwise my experience in football could’ve been put to good use tackling those people. Because they cut everyone in line many people couldn’t go

So what is the appropriate response?


Good grief, it’s a healing Mass. You’re really going to quibble over people cutting in line?
Maybe they felt really in need of being healed.
Maybe they were anxious to get healed and find a restroom.
Maybe they were double-parked.
Who knows.
Jesus had to deal with huge crowds too when he did his healing stuff. He had a guy being let down through the ceiling by his buddies because he couldn’t get up front any other way.

Rule 1 of a Healing Mass is don’t plan to be healed in a hurry unless you are in a wheelchair or visibly disabled enough to wangle some VIP access to the front of the line. The last healing Mass I was at featuring a celebrity charismatic priest, it was like the Who concert stampede trying to get an entire big hall of people up to the front. I just gave thanks that I was well enough to be able to stand for a long time till I got up to see the priest. Said a Rosary while I was waiting. Patience is a virtue.


Why couldn’t anyone go? I’m having trouble seeing how the cutting in line prevented everyone else from waiting, then going after the cutters?

I realize it was probably a really frustrating experience but not everyone has been taught what we’ve been taught. Maybe they didn’t know to wait? Maybe they were just so excited they rushed forward?

I think the appropriate response at any given time would be to say a quick prayer. For them, for you, then to wait patiently to receive.


There was about 200 people who cut and only one priest who was healing.


Was the plan for only those in the front line to receive then? Seems like the people you should be frustrated with are those who didn’t plan this properly so that anyone who was in the back of line would have missed out.


My mom was there to get healed. She didn’t get a chance to because of how many people cut hwr


No, if there was any healing it came from God.


Scuze me I wuz gonna post that remark before you! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

(Just skipped the line there! Hahahah)


Lol stop. Of course. But only one priest acting for god


Perhaps they rushed forward because they knew from prior experience that there won’t be enough time for everyone to be prayed over (I’m assuming this is what you mean by healed?).


I’m sure you’re disappointed for your mom but I still think you are misplacing your frustration. Those who rushed forward were also wanting to be healed. Whoever planned this event did not account for how many people were coming. It wouldn’t have been right if everyone in back had been denied and it wasn’t right that those in front were denied because those in back rushed forward. But the only one who needs to be spoken to is the priest so this sort of thing is avoided in future with better planning.


Dude people who got there an hour early had to leave because of the inconsiderate jerks in the back


And if they had waited they wouldn’t have received. So yeah… I don’t blame them for cutting even if it was ‘rude’.

Remember the story Zaccheus and how he effectively cut the line by standing above the crowd and catching Jesus’ eye?


Just because something is done in the Bible doesn’t mean the Bible gives justification to do that


Sure, but Jesus sure didn’t seem to mind that Zaccheus cut in line and I’m guessing He didn’t mind that these people did either.


I minded. And a lot of other people minded and left early. Don’t say Jesus didn’t mind.


What I’m saying is you can give in to your anger or you can channel your frustration where it belongs and I repeat it belongs with those who planned this event so poorly that not everyone could go forward.


It’s a very American thing, I think, to form a line at all. Whenever I’ve been to Mass in Europe, at Communion time, there’s no line - you just go. So while it may have a perception of disrespect or lacking manners, I don’t think I’d worry about the priest running out of grace to impart.


Zacchaeus climbed a tree to have a better view because he was short. Didn’t skip any lines.

Jesus walked up and chose Zaccheus (an act of providence and mercy by God).


Jesus had this problem a lot of crowds crowding around Him, remember He had to ask St Peter could He step into His boat because the crowd thronged about Him at a beach once…


In a way he ended up skipping the line though. And Jesus sure didn’t care that others were ‘in line’ first. He parted the crowd and went to the man who stood out. :slight_smile:

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