People Died Because Cuomo Put Coronavirus Patients in Nursing Homes

God bless you. Having had relatives and friends cared for in nursing homes, I truly appreciate the love and care you show for your residents. You do the dirtiest work with smiles on your faces. Sometimes I dreaded visiting the nursing homes because my friend or family member was in such bad condition, but you CNA’s were there every day cheerfully cleaning people up.

You are in my prayers.


Without actually saying it directly, our system begins with the assumption that we are all suspect crooks potentially.
One group of crooks, watch the other group who are both reaching for the loot at the same time.
The only protection everybody has, is that these rival groups agree to unity on a set of rules that allow a minority to prevent the majority, or better the weaker preventing the stronger, from grabbing all of the loot once either side attains power. It is the thinnest thread!
Its mine for the taking, but I will act detrimentally toward myself today and honor the rules, and live in hope my opponent will do the same someday.
THIS is why our survival as a Republic depends on our institutions and safeguards not being broken down.
It is hard to tell people ," we could, but I won’t because…" Your own voters think you are a dope. Which means our fate is ultimately dependant on each man’s honor. If someone attains leadership saying RULES SHMULES, and besides MY WAY WAS ALWAYS THE RIGHT WAY ANYHOW, the Republic dies.

Not a single person here has described it as a joke. Certainly not me.

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