¿¿People In Heaven?


Ive always been wondering if people in heaven take the form of how they look when they die ?
For example say a man dies at the age of 80 will he look in heaven like he’s 80 or will he take like a younger image such as 30 do you guys have any ideas on this topic


i could be wrong, but i dont think we will have any physical appearance


I was always told that we could chose whatever age we could be. I don’t know…


wait a darn minute I was assured we would have perfect bodies after the final judgement and resurrection, so I take it to mean I get to choose my perfect body from the computer enhanced image. if somebody has been scamming me I want my money back. I have asked this before but not got an answer: if my body will be perfect, what happens to the other 50 lbs.


All that we can know with certainty is that we will be pure and perfect spiritual bodies, as we will be able to see and know God intimately. This week’s gospel: Luke 20:27-38 touches on this subject. It is logical to assume that after we die we will retain our personal, physical identity, as all will be rejoined to their physical bodies at the resurrection of the dead. Any guess as to what “age” we will appear to be is just that, a guess. :tiphat:


Jesus retained His own body.
I suspect it is better to die, as He did, at the peak of manhood. However we needed doubt that those who live to an old age will not suffer the infirmities of Earthly life when in heaven.


I wouldn’t mind looking this old if I didn’t have to feel this old. and I guess the long white robes will cover lot


Since the decaying body is the wage of sin, I would presume that the glorified body will be even more beautiful than what we appear to be in our prime of life. So, no, I don’t think an old man will have the body of an old man since the aging process no longer relevant.


Very funny:D I have agree with you on the extra 50 lbs. If we look the same it might encourage me a little more stay on my diet:(


I want to be 6’4"!!! Maybe 6’6" since I won’t have to fit into a car!


After the resurrection we are told we will have glorified bodies. I know there is nothing glorified about mine at this age. So, I am looking forward to it.
Deacon Ed B


I’ll be happy if I get to Heaven, never mind what I look like!





:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

I really enjoyed that one! :thumbsup:

Me too! Money back! LOL.


Somehow, I don’t think any of us, singularly or collectively ,could come up with a body better than that which God would chose for us.
Deacon Ed B


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