People in India think Americans should go on a diet

They might have a point…Instead of begrudinging others food, we could deny ourselves a bit more

They do make good points; however, the criticism is a little misapplied:

“George Bush has never been known for his knowledge of economics,” Jairam Ramesh, the minister of state for commerce, told The Press Trust of India after Bush’s remarks, which he said proved again how “comprehensively wrong” Bush is.
“To say that demand for food in India is causing increase in global food prices is completely wrong,” Ramesh said.

Here is what President Bush is quoted as saying:

During a news conference in Missouri, Bush mentioned India’s growing middle class, and said “when you start getting wealth, you start demanding better nutrition and better food, and so demand is high, and that causes the price to go up.”

The president wasn’t “blaming” India. He was pointing out one of the key factors in rising prices. Do Americans overeat and use more fuel than other countries? Of course…but consistently. In other words, our consumption has been high and is therefore not the primary cause for the rise in food prices. The president doesn’t see the growing middle classes in India and China as a bad thing…it’s a good thing! But, it does impact the global economy a lot more than our conistent overconsumption. :shrug:

And, as far as Ethanol, I think Democrats have to take some of the blame for that one. Yes, Republicans have gotten behind it, but the push for alternative fuels is what brought us Ethanol.

As far as our calorie consumption, many of us need to go on a diet anyway. It is sound advice. :slight_smile:

I think their feelings got a bit hurt, and they felt they were being made scape goats…I actually heard someone on another forum post, she was disgusted that the standard of living in other parts of the world was raised ,so now people were competing for* our gas*

I was shocked that this person felt that Americans were the only ones entitled to use the earth’s resources…and gas was only meant for Americans…it is a greedy attitude don’t you think?:slight_smile:

Absolutely! It doesn’t even make sense. If it was all “our” gas, then I guess she would have had some point…but it obviously isn’t.

On the other hand, I am someone that is not as concerned as others about “all the jobs moving overseas.” As it happens, the standard of living in those countries improve, and they start becoming consumers. That makes the total global market increase and those growing country’s cost of labor also increase. We won’t collapse, even if we may not be number one for too much longer. We just need to keep competing.

I only read the subject, but I have a response for those pesky Indians: You’re beginning to sound like my parents! Stop it!!! I’m working on it already!

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