People Magazine and priest sex abuse

In March 2007 issue, there is a story " A Priest’s Prey" about CNN news anchor Thomas Roberts who is now gay and living with his partner. He is only 34 and he was molested repeatedly by a priest.

The abuse started at age 14 when his mother sought help because of a divorce she was going through. He said “No one (was) going to believe a 14 year old kid over Father Jeff”. So sick.

What’s sick?

Making political capital out of someones pain and agony?

Attempting to destroy millions of people’s beliefs?

That child abusers infiltrate every organisation?

That no one would have believed the child over the priest?

All sick IMO.

So sick is that this happened at a time when he needed support and his mother thought she was seeking help. .He was afraid to tell anyone even his own mother.

I use to tell my children on a regular basis, if anyone touches you in any way that you feel is inappropriate, please come and tell me. I just wonder if they would.

So, are they saying that this man’s homosexuality resulted from him being seduced by this priest? Is that what the article implies?

People magazine tend to be about Hollywood and the rich…how they dress and whom they date or who is having babies.

To see a two page story about " A Priest’s Prey" and a picture of him with his mom and priest seem odd.

No, there is no reference to why he is gay. It’s just a fact in article.

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