People of Lesbos take gay group to court over term 'Lesbian'

But we have been Lesbians for thousands of years," said Lambrou, who publishes a small magazine on ancient Greek religion and technology that frequently criticizes the Christian Church.

Very little is known of Sappho’s life. According to some ancient accounts, she was an aristocrat who married a rich merchant and had a daughter with him. One tradition says that she killed herself by jumping off a cliff over an unhappy love affair.

Lambrou says Sappho was not gay. “But even if we assume she was, how can 250,000 people of Lesbian descent — including women — be considered homosexual?”

I just discovered that news story. It’s hard not to chuckle. :wink:

They’re trying to reclaim their name!

After all, if the residents of the island of Lesbos, cannot call themselves Lesbians, what is the world coming to?!

Let’s see, alternative names…



The joke?

Guy hits on a girl in a bar.

“Before you go any farther, you should know I’m a lesbian.”

“Really? How are things in Beruit?”

Ok, awful…

:blushing: :blushing:

I think Lesbobians is my favorite!

God bless,

Ha ha…similar joke in Bend It Like Beckham:

“Get your lesbian feet out of my shoes!!”

“I thought she was a Pisces…”

“She no Lebanese, she Punjabi!!!”

Hey, I think the people of Lesbos should hold their heads high and come on out. :smiley:

I second that;)

Why should they have to change their names just because a bunch of sexual deviants decide to steal and misuse theirs??

The answer is no, is the the sodomites who have to change their “name” and i have the perfect name for them.


Les Paulians…I’m a guitarist:shrug:

Well, no worries for the Lesbians there, then.

Those Les Paulians have their “Customs”…(always wanted a Les Paul)

And they are multi-racial! I’m a fan of their “Black Beauties”

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