People Of Praise ( Amy Barrett )

Let’s be real here. If Justice Cony- Barrette was a Liberal Catholic, the Dems wouldn’t have a problem with her. It’s not that the Justice is a Catholic, it’s that she is a Conservative Catholic. It’s not about religion.


Exactly! They approve of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. It’s the faithful moral Catholic they can’t handle.


I’m saying that there are reasons Senators use to decide whether to confirm or not. Unless they say them out loud, we really don’t know. I don’t believe any belief system is disqualifying, unless the nominee says that that is what they will use to decide cases, and not the Constitution.

That sounds like a reasonable statement.

I think she should have to answer if she can follow the Constitution – that’s her job. (Isn’t that what conservatives keep saying what they want judges to do – follow the Constitution?) Thurgood Marshall famously criticized the Constitution but he followed it.

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I’m not sure it is. It certainly would be against our Constitutional history and our self-image but it would not be illegal. Imagine if a Muslim person were nominated for SCOTUS! You think that he or she might be subject to religious discrimination? Obama nominated a Muslim lawyer to be a federal judge and we can all imagine what happened.

What happened when Obama nominated a Muslim lawyer to the federal bench?

I agree. I wish Justice Breyer felt that way about world opinion.

Was that Muslim a constitutional conservative?

I’ve asked this before and I’ll ask it again. What tenet of Catholicism conflicts with our constitution?


Where they are located in link. So, they are in a number of places in the USA and a few other countries (like Canada, Jamaica).

I have seen 3 of their services. I was in the crowd so, I certainly wasn’t near the “inner workings” of the group but from that vantage point, I saw nothing unseemly.

Articles say they make a big deal out of tithing as well.

I do know, in the news, there are reports of supposed “ex-members” letting off steam about the group. I haven’t really read those articles.

She has said that in her statement at her announcement of nomination.


Paul, what do you make of this part of Article VI of the Constitution:

" no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."

@nepperhan, too



What religious test is being applied to Barrett by the government? She was nominated. She’s on the Hill today. No religious test.

How individual senators vote isn’t covered by Article VI.

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Let’s be real…if ACB said she aborted her last child, the Dems would not have a problem with her


But the reality is, Judge Barrett is not the one making a big deal of her religion, the Democrats are.


Antonin Scalia.

And he has a son who is a Catholic priest.


This is what scares them the most.

Let’s not forget the conspiracy theories about Sara Palin’s son Trig.


That’s the million dollar question isn’t it. I don’t know. It could include the death penalty, abortion, euthanasia and others. At some point, these questions will need to be answered through the reading of the constitution and existing law and abortion already has been.

I understand that Catholics want her decisions based on her Catholicism. I want her decisions to be based on what’s allowed or not within the constitution using her best legal arguments but not her catholic dogmas. Is there a difference? I don’t know. I’m not a lawyer that can shush out these finer points and it’s not my call anyway.

I think someone already posted it, there are suppose to be no “religious tests” in government. However, the terminology is.

Right, if someone has a view on any of those items mentioned in your post, then ask them but maybe don’t bring religion into it.

@PaulinVA already answered this…

ah found it…

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