People of Praise Charismatic Community - Do You Know it?


I am curious to know what people’s thoughts are about Charismatic communities, and if anyone here is a member of the People of Praise group. I know that they are predominantly, yet not totally, Catholic. I know they are quite conservative, especially around gender roles. There is a strong hierarchical system in place and obedience is strictly observed.

Some say it is cult-like, others liken it to Opus Dei, only charismatic. (And there is concern about Opus Dei being cult-like also).

We won’t know if it’s an issue until Monday the 9th, but I would be curious to know if anyone has direct experience with them.


Two of our founding members, Kevin and Dorothy Ranaghan…

I am familiar with these two and their ministry over the last 40 years. Very solid Catholics, persistent and faithful.

I have never heard anything “cult like” about it.


Don’t ask that question people fight about it.

You can see my answer in past post from similar questions.


I briefly spent time in what I think was a singles and/young adult part of a group. One of the women was my “in” to serve at House of Peace in DC. I went to several prayer meetings and a couple of social activities but I couldn’t participate consistantly because of distance so I bailed after a short time. I didn’t find them cult like at all (they didn’t bug me when I stopped going, or suggest I was worldly for doing so.) Even though I was around them for a short time I can say I picked up on pretty rigid roles and a hierarchy. I didn’t figure out how it worked before I stopped going. I don’t know how transparent they are and I didn’t try to figure it out. I will also say they were very kind and welcoming (and not in a lovebombing way.)


They are Christian Community, ecumenical in nature, meaning their members are people from various Christian denominations.

Their spirituality is charismatic, where the Holy Spirit is highly known and devoted to.

Community lifestyle does allow for an authentic Christian environment, which is difficult to find in the world that we live today. Many Christians find it difficult to sustain a consistent Christian life because of peers pressure and the attraction of the world. Many of us have duplicated life, one in the church, the other when we are back from services and live like everybody else.

A Christian Community will provide that Christian environment because the activities are not just confined to the church services but outside of them too.

They are not cultists. They are Christians who endeavour to live the true Christian life with the support of one another.


Not every group criticized by the media is good, but every good group will be mostly trashed by the media. I tell people if you get active in prolife, there’s a hundred percent chance you will get labelled fanatic, rigid, single issue obsessed, heartless to all human concerns.

The same is true for Christian communities. If you disobey the secular culture, you will get trashed for “strict obedience”. If you are independent of the media’s dogmas, you get labelled “cult like”.

If you find a community to be faithful to the Christian faith, if helps you grow and assists in carrying out the gospel, join or support it. But if it really is good, expect it to be trashed by those who oppose Christianity.


If President Trump nominates the one gal who is a member, we’ll know more about the People of Praise than we really need to know, and most of it will be crap.

The President’s supporters will think the group is tremendous and praise it to the heavens. Those who hate the President will condemn the group as “racist” or even “neonazi”


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