People receiving an "exorcism"


I just thought I’d share this, because it was kind of hilarious in its incorrect portrayal of exorcisms. The man doing the “exorcism” cannot possibly be a member of the Church. It’s kind of concerning that he’s going around parading as a priest in that attire of his.

Note: there were a couple cuss words in the video, if you’re not okay with that.


Many protestant pastors dress in black with Roman collars. That garb is not liturgical nor is it owned by our church.


It’s frequently referred to as the Rite of Exorcism throughout the video, and the man’s name is identified as Brother Carlos. The garb is also widely identified with Catholicism in society, and if you look at the comments you’ll notice people remarking how crazy Catholics are after seeing the man in this video. I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s trying to appear as Catholic as possible. I don’t see what you’re trying to do here, honestly.


Not sure I know what your getting at…i hope I misunderstood, because your last sentence seemed pretty snarky.


I guess there’s some misunderstanding between us :grin: no, I wasn’t trying to be snarky at all, sorry about that


No worries! Maybe I was being hypersensative…


One does not simply receive an exorcism.
There’s an application, then they screen you to see if it is a mental issue over demonic possession, and then they do the exorcism.
I haven’t watched the video but the way you describe it makes it seem like antiCatholic trite.


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