People who say CC is "too dogmatic"


I’ve finally decided to write about this after some time thinking about it. Have you ever heard these people (may or may not even be Christian) who say what they don’t like about the Catholic Church is that it’s “sooo dogmatic”? It’s hard to imagine I’m the only one that’s heard this comment at least a few times over the course of my life, and one particular instance in recent memory that particularly sticks out in my mind. I can’t help but envision anyone that makes this comment as some kind of shallow hipster or something, because the type of people who would say this seem to be of the mindset that all morals are relative, and that religious belief is just another arbitrary preference we have, like our favorite color or what kind of pizza toppings we like. :pizza:

My main objection to the argument that we’re “too dogmatic” is that it quickly makes a thoughtless judgment without any reasonable standard to back it up. Just how “dogmatic” is any given religion supposed to be? Are the people who say this really just expressing their longing for an outward semblance of spirituality without having to put in any real effort or take a stance on anything that doesn’t seem convenient? The only way to avoid being dogmatic at all is to avoid stating anything with certainty. Ultimately, it all draws upon that overused self-refuting line of reasoning that the last guy who made this comment to me happened to use, followed by my response to him:

“Nobody can ever claim to know something for sure!”

“Are you sure about that?”

Obviously the guy I was talking to didn’t address that little discrepancy… he just went on to parrot off a bunch of crazy conspiracy theories about the Pope. :rolleyes: Maybe this post is mostly a vent, but oh well. It confuses me to no end why people can argue for something so adamantly and passionately, even though they haven’t bothered to put much thought into the actual basis of their argument. For that matter, if the positions they take are completely based in subjectivity and individual personal preference, why do they waste their time trying to convince others in the first place? :shrug::banghead:


Yeah, I’ve heard that.

A “dogma” (in this context) is something that is proclaimed as a religious truth. So folks who complain that the CC is “too dogmatic” are essentially claiming that the CC proclaims too much truth. So I suppose that less truth (or some error) is preferable.



We just know in what we believe. Protestants are not so “dogmatic” and that’s why there are thoudands of protestant denominations because they are not really sure what is true and what is not. Protestant mentality is that no matter what you think you are always right. Protestants just know better and it causes so many divisions among them.
My questions are:
Why do you think that the CC is TOO dogmatic?
What’s wrong with that?
God bless


The truth was the same at the beginning of time, 2000 years ago and now. Is it dogma or long standing truth.

When the Church is attacked it is a compliment. If we were wrong the Devil would quietly let us go to Hell. As he is not, we must be on the right track!


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