People who Tempt


If an individual is trying to get us to sin.Are we allowed to instruct that person that, what we are being asked to participate in is wrong.If the person persists are we allowed not talk to them and avoid them even if their feelings get hurt.I don’t intentionally want to hurt people,but I don’t want to participate in objectively sinful acts.What does the Church teach in regards to dealing with these types of situations.Thanks!


You should avoid the “near occassions of sin”. A near occassion of sin is any person, place or thing that can lead us to sin.

It is totally appropriate to tell the person why you can no longer be their friend. Then continue to pray for them, but do avoid them unless you are certain they have changed their ways. Our first responsibility is to our own souls, and then to others. You do not stop loving them. You still care for their souls and you want salvation for them. By terminating the relationship over this matter, it could be a wake-up call for them that might make them realize the seriousness of their sin.

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