People who went to Mass on Christmas Day

Was your Mass crowded? I went to the 8:30 Mass on Christmas Day, and there were very few people. Maybe it was because people were worried there was freezing rain (it was raining, and it was predicted all day Christmas Eve it would be freezing rain but it was just rain). Anyways, yeah, there weren’t that many people. Was there many at your parish?

Our parish had two Masses going at the same time on Christmas Eve. It was standing room only. We went to a downtown church which is usually half-full, and, it was standing room only. We should have just gone to our own.

It wasn’t full, but Father thanked us for attending the 8:30 Christmas Day Mass instead of the Midnight Mass which had an attendance of over 200 people… in a hospital chapel designed to hold only about 100! The overflow spilled out into the hallway and into the conference room and chaplain’s office (all of which are wired for sound, but imagine the problem of distributing communion!)

I went to the midnight mass at my parish, it was pretty full. The 4:30 vigil mass on Christmas Eve is usally the mass at my parish that is standing room only.

I whent to a 10:00 AM Mass on Christmas morning and it was not crowded very few ppl showed up

I was the scheduled Reader at my parish’s 11am Mass – The first time I have attended Christmas Day Mass in I can’t remember how many years.

I would estimate the attendance was about the same, perhaps *slightly *larger, than our typical 11am Sunday. (And like you, the area was experiencing freezing rain, though by the time Mass ended the temperature had risen enough for the non-freezing variety) Considering the preceding vigil, midnight, and 9am Masses, I expect the overall attendance was up, as is typical.

I have never that I recall attended an early (eg 8.30am) Christmas Day Mass – At that time my family is usually exchanging gifts.


We had 4:00PM, 4:15PM (in the hall), 6:00PM, and 8:00PM Masses on Christmas Eve; Midnight Mass; and 9:00AM and 11:00AM Masses on Christmas Day. I was at Midnight Mass and the 11:00AM Christmas Day Mass. I'm guessing those two Masses had at least 600 or 700 people each. If the past holds true the 8:00PM and 9:00AM Masses will have been the least crowded. The church holds about a thousand people if we put out extra chairs.

Midnight Mass was pretty full in the Rochester, NY area. The sermon was so good I had to force myself not to applaud (since I don’t believe in applauding during Mass), with the priest in a strong clear voice reminding parents of their responsibility to bring their children to Mass and provide them with the Sacraments.

Well, I can applaud now anyways. :cool: :thumbsup: :clapping:


We went to the 11 AM mass at our parish and we were shocked that it wasn’t even as full as a normal Sunday mass. I suppose everyone went to the midnight mass and/or the 9 AM. :shrug:

I went to a larger parish nearby 4pm Christmas -- they had two 4pm masses, one in the church and one in the school's auditorium... I got to church around 3:25 and got one of the last seats available in the center aisle (has two other sections)... and tood fifteen minutes to get out of the (large) parking lot.

since I couldn't concentrate because of my seat location (on the side aisle instead of off the main aisle and many children), I went again to one of my cluster parishes at 10:00 Christmas morning... it wasn't crowded at all.

Our Christmas Day was not crowded. Our Vigil and Midnight Masses are the ones that get really jammed. Holidays do not do well here. Few people travel here yet people love to leave.

I went to our parish's 4:00 Mass on Christmas Eve. Even on a normal Saturday, this is a well-attended Mass, but it was packed with standing room only on Christmas Eve. I suspect that many people who arrived closer to 4:00 were turned away by the lack of parking.

My husband likes to go to the 8:30 Mass, so I went with him on Christmas morning. There were many empty pews and it was not crowded at all.

We usually have a 10:30 Mass on Sundays, but not on Christmas.

My parish had a 5PM and 10PM mass on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day masses were at 8AM, 10AM and 1130AM. I went to the 1130AM mass and there was a nice crowd - about same as 5PM Saturday vigil if not a few more. I didn’t attempt the 10 PM Christmas Eve mass as standing room only and parking lot is full - over flow at the Methodist Church across the street.

Our 1130 am Christmas Day Mass was very full....not SRO but almost....

Christmas Mass this year was the emptiest I had ever seen on Christmas. Almost on par with the year that we had more than a foot of snow. (Washingtonians driving in THAT is a death sentence...) I figured most people were probably out of town or at another church in our area.

I went to the 10 p.m. Mass which wasn't quite full. The 6:30 p.m. was standing room only because it features the junior choir so that's usually the one to which parents take their kids and which the elderly people attend.

The only Christmas Day Mass is usually very sparsely attended and by sparsely I mean between 25-50 people.

**The one we attended was packed to overflowing. People were piled up out in the street. **

We had freezing rain in the morning, so we went to 1:30pm Mass on Christmas Day.

It was 3/4 full, which is about normal for that Mass.

Our parish schedule was

Vigil 4:30pm (with Children's Choir), 6:30pm ( EF with schola). Midnight Mass, and then on Christmas Day 9:30, 11:30 (in Slovak), 1:30pm and 7:00pm

Our Christmas day Masses are also quite empty and we sometimes attend them. Our church has special permission to hold a 3 p.m. Christmas eve Mass and also a 5 p.m. Mass (as well as 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. and two on Christmas day). The 3 and 5 are ridiculously crowded (to give you an idea of the size of our parish, 200 children make first communions every May). Both the church, the vestibule, and straight back to the huge parish hall (which is glassed in but you can see and hear the Mass) are all full. It is like a circus (I know it is still Holy Mass, but that is how I feel there). Lucky for us, we discovered last year that the 10 p.m. Mass is low crowd and so peaceful. We are now making it a family tradition. Our six children are now older (youngest is 10, so the teens and older are up at that hour anyway) but we saw quite a few families with younger children there also. There was a gentle snow falling.. there is something special about being out at Christmas late at night, truly a silent night..Maybe some people enjoy the hoopla of SRO but not me!
How is the January 1 Feast of Mary, Mother of God, Mass attendance for everyone? This same parish with six Masses for Christmas, has only two for New Year's and they won't be SRO I know that for sure. :nope:

Midnight Mass church full to the brim. :)

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