Pepsi supports the gay agenda and soils Christ's name in the process


Yet another American Family Association boycott. I guess they do these things as a fundraising tool.

Does the American Family Association do anything besides organize political opposition?

This is supposed to be a Christian group because from the narrations in the gospels I don’t seem to remember Christ lashing out at anyone besides the religious elites of his time.

It is too bad this group doesn’t spend its time and money doing what Christ actually did on earth; feeding the poor, healing the sick and telling folks to take care of their own sins before they start worrying about everyone else’s sins.But that is the rub because it is much easier to point at others instead of examining our own hearts.

It is good to know what companies support.

When was the last time Pepsi aired a commercial showing the Catholic Church in a good light? A simple commercial which demonstrates the virtue of chastity or some other positive value?

Any money that Pepsi donates to homosexual activist groups is money that cannot be donated to help the poor or homeless.

God bless

I personally think it’s fine to ask people to boycott an industry if you know for a fact they are supporting immoral causes and agencies. Let the people know.

I was told pepsi cola was at least at one time owned for the most part by the episcopalians, and that is how they got the name pepsi cola/Episcopalia. Anyone else heard that?

I guess if Pepsi called itself a “Christian” organization we should expect them to actually follow the example of Christ. When this happens I will be behind your suggestion 100%

Actually, our traditionalist priest recommends we use their internet filter, and he rarely would ever recommend we mess around with any Protestant material. Maybe the site should be examined before saying it’s all about petitions. It’s the social justice the liberals ignore and sometimes, go against. Like the Pharisees, many at the top pretend they are righteous and can do no wrong in their assessment of their own charity (unless they are communist agitators). Maybe their leaders need a shouting at, like Christ gave the Pharisees, while their stooges need the soft, but firm, approach.

Christ did get angry at the money changers in the temple. They were not Pharisees. The Pharisees allowed it. They seemed to really be about making money for pagan Rome. The devout religious leadership act was just a routine for most of them I think, but I think most even came to believe it. I heard they were actually usurpers of K. David’s successors’ throne, but Jesus did go peacefully to die. He had his and the Trinity’s others’ sound reasons. I think Christ’s swift action had to be done at those moments. Maybe that was the way to save those of the Pharisees and money changers he could. Maybe the hardened required harsher reprimands than those who hated what they were doing. Two Pharisees did respond and maybe Jesus had no way to get around shouting at them, along with the others. He didn’t snap at Josephus, when he wanted to talk to him.

He may have been gentle with certain prostitutes and tax collectors, who swindled people, because hitting them where it hurt, an easier accessible subconscious reservoir of goodness, to restore the good in them. Who knows if all in those crowds had a metanoia?

Still, we all should read his forgiving stuff and his frightening words. Jesus was not all about clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, etc., but also about feeding the souls that are hungry and remaining chaste.

Social justice was in his Beautitudes, too, and the AFA is doing that with their petitions. You can have an organization centered on one act of mercy or a beautitude, you know, but the AFA is not a one beatitude pony.

Red herring. There were no corporations similar to PepsiCo, Inc. (PEP) in the first century.

Fr. Benedict Groeschel also has endorsed the American Family Association and has been very complimentary in regard to Rev. Donald Wildmon.

No. PepsiCola was so named because it was originally a patent medicine used to treat dyspepsia (indigestion).

Yet another boycott I won’t be joining in. I don’t drink sodas much anyway but when I do I don’t care if it’s Coke or Pepsi. I’ll take either one and won’t boycott either.

can you elaborate on why? just wondering…

They don’t soil Christ’s name. They present the Christ that too many present today. One of hatred towards anyone who might be different. Christ loved us ALL to die for us ALL, not just for heterosexuals alone.

I’ve already passed up Pepsi in favor of a Coke because of Pepsi’s nuttiness.

I just had a Pepsi today.

Christ loves all; he does not approve of nor condone behavior either prohibited in the New Testament or that which is in the Old Testament, but not changed in the New Testament, such as, uh, sodomy amnd other homosexual behavior. You do no good for the homosexuals by being OK with their living that lifestyle anymore than being Ok with heterosexuals sleeping together before a valid marriage. In the former case, they either have bad family experiences or they have gender identity problems because they feel like one of the opposite sex. You should read the story about Richard/Rita in “Hostage to the Devil” by Malachi Martin, where such a person becomes a transsexual, lives promiscuously and the gets possessed. Do you think he was happy or confused and miserable deep down, but self-entertained at times in between? You do them no favors by condoning these alternative lifestyles?

These gay people are likely being used by high-level Masonic types, who care for no one but their sensual pleasures and/or power grabbing, to undermine Christianity. You ever wonder why condoms are promoted to sold to college students, who you think would be considered by them as having good genes? You help the haters by being permissive regarding legislation of alternative sinful lifestyles. God cares too much to let us, in good conscience, behave like that.

They should remain neutral in the culture war.

High-level Masonic types? Where do you come up with this stuff? I’m not being used by anyone.

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