PepsiCo gives $500,000 to promote the gay agenda in workplace

It is exactly what happened. Look at most of the pro-gay posts. They are all about sexual identity and not behavior.

This was a very successful strategy. But people are catching on.

If I were saying there is no agenda, you wouldn’t find it on my website. Duh! Part of the agenda is to deny there is an agenda.

You don’t have to be gay to be offended by ‘jokes’ like that. You can say you’re offended without explaining that you want to have sex with other men. Most decent people would be offended by that.

No Gay agenda? WOW, have you got your head stuck in the sand!! It’s in some people’s minds? Have you seen the ugly demonstrations against Christians in California and around the country over Prop. 8? Wake up my friend and get into the real world!!

All I ask is that corporations that are trying to get me to spend my money there (if you aren’t a member of the parish or community you are not very likely to spend money there) stay neutral so everyone can shop there no matter what your private beliefs.

Actually, if they are all about sexual identity and not behavior, you wouldn’t have much to argue about since only the behavior is sinful.

If I were saying there is no agenda, you wouldn’t find it on my website. Duh! Part of the agenda is to deny there is an agenda.

Oh, I see. So this in-your-face, fearless, sometimes radical group of people is afraid to tell us what their goals are? It makes me wonder what the secret anti-gay agenda is.

Right, like when you hear a Catholic joke and don’t tell anyone you’re actually Catholic. Whatever happened to my “hate the sin, not the sinner”? My not acting out on my sexual orientation doesn’t change my sexual orientation. Why should I have to be afraid to tell the truth? After all, it’s me that is so loved by the anti-gay folks. At least that’s what I’m always told, right after being told to keep my mouth shut about my sexuality. Curious, isn’t it?

Gay or straight, I hope everyone has a good day. Peace!

In a previous post, you said that it would be impossible to stop gay jokes unless you identify yourself as gay. I wanted to point out that its not true. I’m not suggesting that you should not tell people that you are tempted to have sex with other men. I’m just saying that its not necessary to tell them in order to oppose gay jokes.

As far as telling people I’m Catholic, I bring it up when I feel it would glorify God. If I hear a joke against any religion, not just catholic, that wouldn’t be a time when I would want to explain my beliefs. Then it would make my objection seem self-serving. I would rather just take the chance to explain that Catholics (or whatever group is being mocked) do good things and we should respect them. Whether I am Catholic isn’t the question in a circumstance like that.

The debate is one that tries to garner symapthy and acceptance from society in general by focusing on the identity, not behavior. The old bait and switch routine.

In my neighborhood, there are 4 sets of gay men. Their homes are immaculate. They particpate in community events. They don’t march in parades in tu-tu’s carrying pink umbrellas. :eek: My daughter sold many a Girl Scout cookie to them. I had no qualms with my children speaking to “any” of my neighbors.

If you saw them at their job, you would never know whether or not they are gay. It is irrelavent. If one of my neighbors were a plumber and I had a leaky faucet, I would call my neighbor. Not a problem. I wouldn’t think in a million years he would want to have sex with my husband or my college age son. Get real. :rolleyes:

If my neighbor was the cashier at WalMart, it wouldn’t stop me from shopping there. At one household, there was a McCain-Palin sign out front. Really? Go figure. :shrug:

I don’t ask them about sex, they don’t ask me. None of my business.

I like Diet Pepsi, I like Diet Coke better. :shrug: If Diet Pepsi is on sale vs. Coke, I will buy the Pepsi.

How many of you boycotted the Church because billions are being paid out (your contribution dollars, by the way) to plaintiffs in the priest scandal lawsuit? And to this day, your dollars are still being paid out. But, oh, that is never mentioned.

Some folks think they are being s*cker-punched by corporations such as Pepsi, Ford, McDonalds, Susan G. Komen, McDonalds, Starbucks, Hallmark, Apple, MicroSoft because ordinarily they contribute so much good to the community at large through charity…but underneath the surface they are teaming with “gay agenda”.

How many of us were s*cker-punched to find out those we held in great esteem as our shepherds for our Savior were practicing deviant behavior on children? And we were TKO’d when we found out our Bishops were shuffling these priests to other parishes vs. doing the right thing and notifying the authorities.

Some folks are stating that their hard-earned dollars are not going to support Pepsi, but have no qualms about contributing to the DDF to pay attorney fees.

Some may say the Church is not a corporation. When money exchanges hands, people are hired for pay…it’s a business.

I had a parish priest who in one homily hit home with our humaness…and the way we can fall into sin. He talked about how broken we feel when we have been at our worst. He told us about prayer, forgiveness and turning to each other within our homes, our parish, our communities. Not one human is perfect in the eyes of God. It doesn’t matter what job title we have, where we work, what we eat or drink.

I don’t live in fear of “gay agenda”. My head is not buried in the sand. I swim in the big ocean, not in a fishbowl. I work with 30 people everyday and it never crosses my mind who they sleep with. When I see a new employee come in for an interview…I don’t wonder if they are gay. I wonder what I can do to welcome them aboard and show them the ropes. Maybe offer them a Pepsi out of the soda machine in our office.

I will shop where I want, eat what I pay for, drink what I want, live where I want, and will always drive a Ford car.

I flatly refuse to live a life of fear and panic, that some "agenda’ is out to get me. I refuse to give evil credence and don’t mention the vile name as vanity is it’s claim to fame.

“If I am with you, who can be against you.”

I think I’ll go have a diet Pepsi now.:smiley:

I don’t think I said that in a previous post. That certainly isn’t the only way to stop gay jokes.

I wanted to point out that its not true. I’m not suggesting that you should not tell people that you are tempted to have sex with other men. I’m just saying that its not necessary to tell them in order to oppose gay jokes.

The bolding above is mine. That sure is an interesting way of wording things. Anyways, I was responding to you saying there is no need for a celibate homosexual to identify their sexuality. With that, I disagreed by pointing out that being deeply and personally offended by a joke might be a very good reason for me to let someone know. In other words, sometimes there is a need.


You really need to look over the John Jay Study.

The Church has paid the settlements and has taken responsiblilty for the actions of a few. How many other organizations would have begged off and blocked any payouts.

None. Crimes against children are punishable by law “when reported”…in this case…were not reported…because of fear among the children themselves.

Actions of a few? How do you know the number? A few, is one too many. That is same arguement posed when reducing abortion…

some say,…reduce!? to a few!!! :eek: How outrageous…a few…still counts as murdered children.

The children molested…however many in number…are one too many. When all is said and done…“few” will not be the actual amount. Investigations are still ongoing.

Pespi is the least of our problems.

You need to read the report. It will show how many were reported and how many prosecuted. Before you argue educate yourself to the facts. This went back 50 years.

There is also a correlation to the “takeover” of seminaries by homosexuals. (see Michael Rose’s book - Goodbye Good Men.)

True pedophilia is very rare and rarer in the priesthood than in the general population. The crimes perpetrated by the priests were crimes of pederasty, that is with post pubescent boys. This fact has been supressed by our objective media (yeah right). I wonder why? :hmmm:

And you are right - one is too many. :frowning:

Same here Julianna, and I’m the one who started the thread about the boycott. I’m not boycotting Pepsi because I think the employees or managers are gay, it’s because I don’t want my money going to the cause the company is supporting. I’m more than happy to work with gay people or give my business to them, or have them as neighbours.

This boycott is about a political issue, not about disliking gays. I also boycott companies that fund planned parenthood and other groups like that.

I couldn’t quote the part I wanted to respond to, but you said the double standard is because corporations have more power than individuals as they are wealthier. OK, but then what about very wealthy individuals like George Soros or Scafe(sp?), the former being liberal and the latter more traditional?

Also some very powerful companies are actually privately held. Not as powerful as Microsoft, but still quite powerful. What about these?

That’s good to know. In the Satanist thread in Non-Catholic religions one or two extremely traditional Catholics were saying they did not want gay people as neighbors (as well as Satanists and a whole list of outcasts apparently).

This boycott is about a political issue, not about disliking gays. I also boycott companies that fund planned parenthood and other groups like that.

You mean you boycott all the companies in this 9 page document?

This is a long list. It’s unrealistic to do that.

I am not aware of any study that shows this based on current data. Previous studies with out of date data may have shown it, but more cases of scandal were uncovered after those studies were done. In terms of it being rare, pedophilia in science refers not to criminal activity but just the attraction to prepubescent children, whether acted upon or not. Some studies have shown that among men, this pedophilic attraction is surprisingly common.


You know that new cases of sexual abuse were uncovered in 2008 right? Just google that if you don’t know. Well then of course studies done in 2007 or in 2008 using 2007 data would be out of date.

How many? Pedophilia? or Pederasty? Homosexual or opposite sex?

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