Perceived universalism of pope John Paul II

I have a question about a book: ‘Pope John Paul II’s Theological Journey to the Prayer Meeting of Religions at Assisi’ by fr. Johannes Dörmann. In this book the author tries in great length to proof that pope John Paul II adhered to universalism.

My question is this; does anyone knows a refutation of this book?

Well Dominus Iesus comes to mind

Ut unum sint might also help

Fr. Johannes Dörmanns’ book is highly acclaimed by the SSPX.

Are SSPX discussions still banned on this forum?

Why does that not come as a surprise? :rolleyes:

I have no idea how to refute the book since I have never read it, however, I can assure you that Blessed Pope John Paul II was definitely not a universalist. If he was one then why would he now have reached the status of Blessed in the canonization process. The fact is, if he believed in universalism, he would have been a heretic and it would not have been possible for him to reach the status of Blessed unless he repented of such a thing and lead a holy life afterwards.

While he teaches (the Church teaches…) that it is possible even for those who through no fault of their own do not come to know Jesus or his Church…to be saved by grace…by Jesus…in ways known only to God…such is not universalism…and in fact he and the Church rejects such.

“What I have said above, however, does not justify the relativistic position of those who maintain that a way of salvation can be found in any religion, even independently of faith in Christ the Redeemer, and that interreligious dialogue must be based on this ambiguous idea. That solution to the problem of the salvation of those who do not profess the Christian creed is not in conformity with the Gospel. Rather, we must maintain that the way of salvation always passes through Christ, and therefore the Church and her missionaries have the task of making him known and loved in every time, place and culture. Apart from Christ “there is no salvation.” As Peter proclaimed before the Sanhedrin at the very start of the apostolic preaching: “There is no other name in the whole world given to men by which we are to be saved” (Acts 4:12).”

–Pope John Paul II (Bl!) Gen Audience May 31 1995

(and gee the other things mentioned already…as well as the CCC…)

I am also wondering why that does not come as a surprise

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To be clear; i don’t believe that John Paul II believed in Universalism.

My question was about this specific book and also the writer of it. Fr. Johannes Dörmann was, as far as i know, no member of the FSPPX and not a controversial theologian (upon that point anyway) and even a student of Benedict XVI.

So, that’s why i asked myself how can this happen? Didn’t that book created any stir?


All true Christians are Universalists…that is, hopeful Universalists: they hope and pray that all are saved.

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