Perennial is his almighty wisdom


In The Book of Sirach, Chapter 42 Verse 21 states:
Perennial is his almighty wisdom;
he is from all eternity one and the same,
with nothing added, nothing taken away;
no need of a counselor for him!

Please explain Perennial is his almighty wisdom.


Perennial means enduring or lasting indefinitely. God is wise for all eternity. He isn’t wise some days and not others or in just a few situations, but universally and forever. Almighty means supreme, above all others. So you could read it as: He is forever supremely wise.


Good example of a time when it can be helpful to consult another translation:


“He has ordained the splendors of his wisdom, and he is from everlasting to everlasting. Nothing can be added or taken away, and he needs no one to be his counselor.”


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