Perfect apologetics

If the perfect Catholic apologetics developed which worked perfectly with every person it was put to, should we use it? And would we miss something if everybody became Catholic? Not saying that this is at all possible, but is it desirable? Think, no more Protestants, what would we do?

I infer you are putting the issue of free will to the side since that’s one of the things that makes this impossible. Accepting that assumption, there are a few other issues involved in this “perfect apologetics” approach, depending on how it works. If it just switches your label from “not Catholic” to “Catholic,” but doesn’t change your mindset or help you repent, then it doesn’t sound like it would change much. We’d still be dealing with people who reject Catholic teaching, it’s just they’d all be Inside the Church now instead of some of them being Outside of it, which is how it is currently. I don’t think that would be a huge improvement, to be honest, nor do I think we would be missing much. On the other hand, if this “perfect apologetics” was a guaranteed way of making people see the truth and accept it, then it’s basically a paradise serum. Start giving it to Catholics too to make them more faithful. If everyone was perfectly faithful to the Church, the would be no sin, and this would be heaven. That would be a vast improvement…I don’t think we would “miss” anything.

From a practical point of view, if every body became Catholic, we would not have enough priests or churches to handle all the people. Right now, we do not have enough priests to handle all the Catholics like it should be or was. But it is an interesting question because there are 292 million people in the U.S. And right now, we have about 70 million Catholics in the U.S, 22% of the population. We would become the world’s largest mission territory.
And we are the fourth largest Catholic country.

When ‘paradise serum’ was mentioned it brought the effect on me of the Eucharist to mind, when properly received as what it truly is, the body and blood of Christ. So I suppose the perfect apologetics would initially include removing the barriers preventing a person from receiving the faith , and also playing a part in getting a person to the right disposition to fully receive this most blessed sacrament.

Most definitely, the harvest is plentiful, the workers few, now time for us to pray earnestly that our Father send the workers the necessary. A unified and evangelising church, needed now more than ever.

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