Performance at Mass

[quote=misericordie]Here is another performance, but thse are sisters:


[quote=OutinChgoburbs]Next, they’ll have scorers up in the front pew to rate the homily, just like the Olympics.:banghead:

Either that or one of those “Invisible Fences” that are used to keep pets in yards.


i have seen 1 priest give a roming homily. I have seen 3 separate bishops on different occasions do it though.

We have a substitute priest who is here quite often. He stays in the sanctuary, but does walk around as he gives his homily, which are amazing. Anyone who’s concentrating on him moving around and not listening is missing out!

[quote=WanderAimlessly]Either that or one of those “Invisible Fences” that are used to keep pets in yards.

You might be on to something there!

We took down the altar rails and now the priests are running all over the neighborhood! Who left the gate open?!?

[quote=NetNuncio]It is not proper for the priest to give the homily outside of the sanctuary.

From the Institutio Generalis Missale Romanum (GIRM)

  1. The homily is given at the chair or at the lectern


Unfortunately your quote comes from the 1975 GIRM. The latest revision states:
136. The priest, standing at the chair or at the ambo itself or, when appropriate, in another suitable place, gives the homily.
Don’t get me wrong…I completely agree that many priests too liberally apply the criterion of “suitable place”. In most cases, they should stay at the chair or the ambo.

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