(perhaps silly) q about Novena


I have never completed a novena, I only ever pray the rosary day by day and generally do a 3pm Divine Mercy Rosary… I was just wondering if a novena can be started on any day or is there a particular day to start one. We want to do a Divine Mercy Novena. Should it be started on a sunday?

How does it work?

Thanks… please dont treat me like I’m an idiot haha. :o


For private devotion, a novena can be started on any day or time you wish.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Not a silly question at all. Some Novenas do run from a certain starting date. Indeed, many people do the Divine Mercy Novena to end on the Saturday before Divine Mercy Sunday. But you can start the Divine Nercy Novena any day you want. Same with the Novena to the Holy Spirit.

Remember that Mary and the Saints are not petty beauraucrats. They rejoice in any prayers, any way, anytime. :slight_smile:


haha thanks :slight_smile: I started my DM Novena about 4:30 this morning :slight_smile:


Don’t feel badly. I oftentimes want to say my Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3:00 - to coincide with those around the world saying it - but remembered - that it’s not 3:00 at the same time all over the world - just certain parts at different times…:slight_smile: There are a few novenas which must be said at certain times, such as Miraculous Novena to the Infant of Prague - which conditions are that it be said for nine consecutive hours, at the same time every hour. That means you should keep yourself available to complete it correctly. St. Bridget Prayers also - must be daily for one consecutive year but I think in that case certain conditions apply if something happens out of your control.


I am doing a Novena to the Infant of Prague today :slight_smile: It’s sometimes hard if I have things to do during the day, but I try my best to keep it at the exact time each hour. I have to go out today at 3pm, but I think I will sneak off at the time for the prayer. :slight_smile:


Mind if I throw in a quick novena q?

What happens if you forget a day (or hour)? Do you have to start over?


If I am trying to make a good Devotion to the Infant of Prague and I miss an hour, I generally give up and try again the next day… I don’t know how strict it is, but I thought that maybe God knows your heart and intention but… sometimes my heart in all honesty is just lazy… so thats why I stop… I don’t really know the correct answer though.


A close friend of mine (who was a Protestant – and I was too at the time) taught me this:

With God, trying equals success. We must try. If we try then that is what counts.

I don’t know if that is true or not. But it seems to me that what we can do is try. We don’t always succeed. But there is such a thing as “not trying anymore”. So always try. Don’t quit because you forgot a day. Keep trying. Maybe make the novena longer (add a day or two or more) if you want to and are worried about having missed a day.

I once began a 9-month novena (the prayer Fulton Sheen wrote to pray to adopt an unborn child and protect it from abortion) – I didn’t know anything or expect anything except that I wanted to pray for the unknown unborn child. I was unable to pray every single day. But I prayed when I remembered to pray (a helpful card at my desk somewhat hidden from obvious view of others but visible to myself). I think it worked. And when the unmarried pregnant co-worker very nearby (I didn’t know she was going to get pregnant only a few months after I started praying) was sure she wanted her baby I kind of dropped off the praying every day. She married her boyfriend.

Anyway, I haven’t prayed too many novenas at all. But they all seem to have had some results so really I should try praying novenas more often.

Prayer works. Don’t neglect it.



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