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Hi CAF. I’ve taken two pregnancy tests correctly today on my 10th day of missing my period and yesterday. Both tests were negative. I’ve kept track of my cycle for the last two years and am always on a 28/29 day cycle. What’s the next step? Seeing my regular doctor for a check up and getting a blood test? I have two friends who had an ectopic pregnancy so I don’t want to wait too long to get checked out.

Illness and extreme stress can cause a woman’s body to delay ovulation and cause her period to run late. However, the simplest solution is to visit the doctor and take a blood test. He or she should be able to tell you for certain and will be able to locate the baby with an ultrasound and rule out any concern of a ectopic pregnancy.

I have had a couple ectoptic pregnancies and the blood test was always positive in both cases (don’t remember if the stick was or not!). Still, I had other symptoms.

God bless you!

When i was pregnant my first positive test was at the tenth week…exactly just how you read it. Ten weeks! I had several tests between two and ten all were false negatives including blood.
So I would say go to your doctor have more test. There is a possibility that you are not pregnant that is just a delay in ovulation due to stress, but wanted to point out that there are false negatives when it comes to pregnancy tests.

I tested negative (at the Doctor’s office) every time, even at 6 months pregnant & with the baby moving, heartbeat present! Oddly, the only test which showed anything was “abnormal cells” in my blood work! (Not pregnant, but with abnormal red cells!) However, when NOT pregnant, I’ll test POSITIVE every time! Oddly enough, I’m almost 72 now, and still test Positive to a pregnancy test! I just have an odd body, I guess!

If you are 10 days late, I’d wait about 3 more days (no later than next Monday) and then go to the Doctor for a test & (possibly) an ultrasound to check it out. You can be late sometimes, if stressed, ill with cold or flu, etc… If over 13 - 14 days late, it’s time to check with the M.D., even if you are getting a “negative” with the dip stick. The kits for at home can be inaccurate at times, or you may have a medical condition which is delaying your menses. Best to check it out if you’re 14 days late – that’s long enough for a M.D. to find out if you are pregnant or not, since you would be about 4 weeks pregnant, (if you are) by that time, and possibly 5 weeks along. If not pregnant, M.D. needs to check you and find out what’s causing the delay.

Good luck! (By the way, are you hoping for a positive test?)

Thank you for the responses. Yes, I pray I am pregnant!

Negative home test may very well be a false negative! I could usually get a positive result (even with my oddball blood tests!! LOL) at 5 weeks, and once at 4 weeks, so I always knew early. Sometimes I suspected at 2 weeks, don’t know why - no symptoms yet, but always seemed to know before the Lab did!

Go next week if you are still “late” and hope you have a “positive” report. If it is, come back and let us know, please? We’d like to celebrate and thank the Lord with you!:smiley:

I had a negative ULTRASOUND which is highly unusual. The doctor told me I wasn’t pregnant and I was so sad. I had to wait 2 weeks and when I returned he said I was farther along than he thought.

Anything is possible.

As someone who didn’t necessarily have a 28 day cycle, if you are charting, when did you ovulate? Ovulation can be delayed, as mentioned already. I would be more interested in knowing when you ovulated, not ‘I’m usually 28 days’. That’s the beauty of NFP!

Edit: Sorry, I misunderstood ‘keeping track of your cycle’. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been using NFP. I assumed you were Catholic, and that may also be incorrect. Gosh, I’m off my game today! lol NFP is Natural Family Planning. It is scientifically based where a woman can watch for signs of fertility, and other signs will indicate that she has ovulated. Since my cycles weren’t always 28 days, I could tell when ovulation was delayed, and I loved that. I wish all young ladies could learn this basic thing.

No we don’t practice NFP. We haven’t had the time and were going to start this month but I haven’t gotten my cycle yet :shrug:

It’s entirely possible that you may not be planning your “cycle” for quite a while – like about 8 or 9 months from now!! LOL ! Let us know what the M.D. says next week. If M.D. says negative, and your regular (though late) cycle doesn’t start within two weeks, get tested again! If that happens, you may indeed be pregnant! God bless and good luck!:thumbsup:

Since you were planning to start NFP and are on CAF here, I am assuming that you are Catholic? If so, you are certainly a good example! (Open to life). Hope you find you are expecting when you see the M.D.! You must be newly married, or else just recently learned about NFP.

Call your Dr, tell them you just want a preg. check (ours is coded differently for insurance)- here, that is a different appointment. I just go in and do bloodwork; don’t see the Dr. until I hear a call with the results.

Late periods do happen to “regular” women, particularly if we’re under stress or made some big lifestyle change. Pregnancy tests may also not show positive in some women until later in their pregnancies, and home tests are not as sensitive as some tests available in medical clinics. Still, it seems wise to call your doctor, explain the situation, and ask whether and when you ought to be seen and about any symptoms you ought to be on the look-out for. I would guess the doctor will take a wait-and-see stance, but since he or she will have your whole chart, the doctor may have other ideas. That’s why they go to medical school.

Personally, I would conduct myself as if I were pregnant until I had another period. Can’t hurt.

Please seek medical advice from trustworthy medical professionals and not on CAF.

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