Permanent Diaconate Journey - Called to Institution of Acolyte


I am truly stunned with awe of God’s love and mercy. I just received my letter from the Bishop that I have been accepted to the call of the Institute of Acolyte on my journey towards the permanent diaconate. Please keep my brothers in formation, their wives, my wife Raquel and myself in your prayers as we take this next step. On Feb 9th, we will be instituted.

Thank you to all of you who already have been praying for us. I could not have done this without your prayers and God’s help and Mercy.




Congratulations John. Continuing to pray for you on your journey.


Congratulations!! Each step along the way is so special and you remember it forever! I know that the light at the end of the tunnel seems sort of far away, but if it is God’s will, you will get there.

As for albs, like you asked in the other question, whatever you like is the way to go. I have a cotton one for extreme temps and several others. One zips up the front and has beautiful pleats on the front and back, while another has velcro and is pretty plain. Just whatever catches your fancy.

And also keep in mind, some that wrinkle will need to be taken to the cleaners costing money every time you take it in. I have one like that and I barely use it! Others can be machine washed and are wrinkle free and those are the ones I use the most. Trust me, no matter what material you choose, you WILL get hot sooner or later!! But it’s all good!

Again, congrats!


One of the guys who was ordained in last years group told me that most of the time in the summer, he just takes his shirt off and wears a white T-Shirt under his. That’s a possibility to stay cool. I guess when you layer the stole, and dalmatic over the alb, it’s going to be warm regardless of the material.

You mention the path to being ordained seems to take so long, and yes it does, but the three and 1/2 years that I have been in aspirancy and formation really have flown by. That’s sad as in the blink of an eye, God willing, I may be ordained. The years in formation I know will be some of my most memorable years. All the friendships that I have made, the fun times I have had, etc. It is reminiscent to when my parents would tell me when I was in grade school or high school to enjoy the moment as before I know it, I will be in the working world and wishing I could have those school years back. That is so true. I am so blessed to have gotten to know all the guys and their families who have been in formation with me. In a year and a half, God willing, I will be preparing to be ordained. I better live in the moment now and enjoy these times, as they will be over soon, and a new chapter, which will be just as enjoyable and just as much of a blessing will be upon me (ordained or not). I still can’t believe that God would have a use for someone like me. God is awesome with things like that though!


Oh my! Yes, the friendships you make along the way with your classmates! I would not ever give that up! I was completely blown away by that aspect of formation and it was something I never even thought about! I made the greatest friends with some of my classmates and you are right, once it was all over, we sort of were depressed a bit because we knew that we would never meet and be with each other like that again, other than a couple of times a year at our diaconate retreats, but it’s not the same.

So, yes, enjoy the journey. This phase is tough but so rewarding in the end. And you know you have made brothers for life and beyond!


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