Permanent diaconate

Im still a young man on the verge of graduating from college and getting married. I descerned the Priesthood for awhile and while I think it would be amazing I feel a undeniable call to marriage.

I still want to serve the church however, I am becoming increasingly active at my church (serving on Parish board, teaching religious classes) and plan to do so even more once I graduate from college next year.

I am intrested on become a Deacon when I become 35. I know its still a good amount of time away but I am wondering about the kind of commitment it is. (Not that I am at all afraid of commitment, just want to be able to fulfill my call sufficently)

I will be teaching in a public school (or perhaps Catholic school God willing) so will have a steady 5 days a week 7-5 ish job and standard family obligations. So would I be capable of fulfilling this vocation in addition to my other obligations?

Thank you very much

I, too, discerned the priesthood before choosing married life. Since then, I have pondered whether to pursue the diaconate. Currently, I think that a man who chooses married life should settle in to it for a few years and then start the discernment process from the beginning. He should do this together with his wife since his being a deacon will place some additional stress on her.

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