Permission/Dispensation in mixed-marriages & disparity- of-cult marriages


I know the canons.

But in the same way that a bishop can delegate to the pastor the confirmation of the parish children, he can also delegate the granting of permission for mixed-marriages where the non-Catholic is a baptized Christian to any priest or deacon incardinated in his diocese.


Yes, he can, and some do.


I assume in these cases the pastor would have to have solid proof (eg. baptismal certificate) that the non-Catholic party was baptized with the Trinitarian formula.

My Protestant wife didn’t have a certificate, just the testimony of her mother, so my pastor included a request for a CONDITIONAL dispensation for disparity of cult when submitting my paperwork with the Diocese. (The Bishop’s permission was required anyway as he was also requesting a dispensation from canonical form for me). As far as I’m concerned my wife is baptized and our marriage is sacramental, but the Church errs on the side of caution.


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