Perpetual Adoration

I am thinking of spending an hour at the Perpetual Adoration Chapel at the parish I attend. Have never done this before. Was wondering what others experiences have been and if can share how one spends their hour in Adoration.

I will be in front of The Blessed Sacrament at 10:00 CDT tonight.

Adoration has changed my life. Literally. Jesus wants us to spend personal time with Him.

Read the book The Devotion to the Sacred Heart by Fr. John Croiset.

I usually pray the Sacred Heart Holy Hour devotion, but it can vary.

The book explains in detail ways to adore Christ during your private time with Him.

Eddie Mac

Adoration is amazing. An hour or so of quiet time with Jesus physically present in the Eucharist. My biggest problem with it is that I often don’t want to leave!!

I generally will do some kind of “formal” prayer, a rosary or chaplet of Divine Mercy, write in my prayer journal, and then just sit with him for a while. Good stuff!!

What exactly are the postures before/during/after adoration.

How is one supposed to genuflect before being seated? Are there other things that we need to do as well?

Thanks and God Bless,

I have seen people prostrate themselves on the floor; genuflect on two knees; genuflect on one knee or bow deeply. I bow, God knows about my arthritis. The thing is to show respect, reverence and love for our Creator.

I’ve been going to Adoration for about a year now. Quite often, I go more than my assigned one hour. I, too, hate to leave. Since I’ve been going, I have such peace in my everyday life, it’s hard to describe. I feel as though Jesus is leading me in the Father’s will - all week. I, too, pray some formal prayers, but I always sit silently for at least a few minutes, many times more, and let the Holy Spirit speak to my soul.

You should genuflect with both knees (first right then bring the left down) - then bow your head towards the monstrance. Then just go to your seat and adore God with set prayers or meditation or just “listening prayer”. When you leave, genuflect as before (as long as the Host is exposed you do that).
Another part of the etiquette is that it needs to be total silence when Our Lord is there for adoration.

I agree with what others have said – Adoration has changed my life. It’s a time of amazing closeness with Jesus. :slight_smile:

I must add that even if the the Blessed Sacrament is sequestered in the tabernacle, Jesus still wants us to visit Him. You gain the same benefit whether Jesus is exposed or not.

Eddie Mac

I love time in adoration. We have an hour on Friday afternoons, but I will stop in the chapel whenever I can if even for just a few minutes. I always bring a book of spiritual reading and my rosary, but sometims I will just sit and soak up God’s presence. I will admit to falling asleep in chapel on occasion! :blush: I console myself that St Teresa did also and she spoke of it as being like a child snuggled in her father’s arms and sleeping.:signofcross:

Thanks so much for the responses. I am planning to spend an hour at the chapel this afternoon.

I pray the rosary. Sometimes I pray the Liturgy of the Hours after that. Lately, I have been reading and meditating on passages from Fr. Dubay’s book The Fire Within, which is a commentary on St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila. I always try to spend at least part of the hour just listening.

I go every Friday and other than mass its my favourite time spent for the entire week. Lately, with the OK of my pastor, I’ve been bringing a special journal with me to adoration. I write down any pertinent thoughts that come to mind and I’ve found it very helpful. I usually spend about 2 hours though when I can manage, so I spend some time praying or writing, and some time just being still and silent.

Adoration is so wonderful. I always want to see adoration and praise, but of course cannot since I cannot disturb others, so I sing but soundlessly. I sing Holy, holy, holy, or Praise God from Whom All Blessing Flow, or Allelulia. It is so wonderful that our God has made a way through our Church for us to be physically present with him. There is a peace that comes from being in the physical presence of God that is quite indescribable. I wish that peace for you in your adoration experience as well.

I find in adoration its very hard to feel sad or depressed. Its like i don’t feel anything negative. But then again i don’t exactly feel anything positive but still Adoration changes people.

When I have been alone I have sung.

O Salutaris Hostia.

Eddie Mac

I just can’t get over the peace that over takes my soul when I’m at Adoration. I generally do all three mysteries of the Rosary, plus a Chaplet of Divine Mercy and a Seven Sorrows Rosary. There are times when 2 hours is not enough and yes, I have been so at peace that I’ve drifted off.

I do get annoyed when inconsiderate people come in to change candles, water flowers, etc. Its so distracting. But I try to offer it up to the Lord and ask His forgiveness for my impatience.

Next to Mass its my favorite time.

Finally, today I have a day off and decided to go to the Perpetual Adoration Chapel at the parish near where I live. Gathered my rosary, etc and off I went. The chapel was dark and the blessed sacrament was not out. Ugh!

Sometimes Adoration is miraculous. Sometimes it is just boring. Which ever way a visit may be is unimportant, just remember you’re there and Jesus is there and you’re friends, so be content to just sit with Him and be at peace.

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