Perpetual adoration....

Hi I was wondering how can a parish get perpetual adoration going? I mean, how does that/it happen? And it seems like parishes that DO have perpetual adoration have more Masses and evern more people going to confession,…

Why is that? And what do they mean by the word GRACES? I mean I’ve heard people say that perpetual adoration brings many GRACES to the parish. But what is that?

Instead of the word ‘graces’ they could also say, ''blessings", “free gifts of God”

“Grace is the free and undeserved help that God gives us to respond to his call. The Church teaches us that grace moves us to participate in the life of God and moves us to begin and sustain a relationship with our Creator. Grace not only assists us in
living the Christian life through purification of our hearts, it literally changes our souls by infusing divine life to heal the wounds of sin. Grace is wrought through the work of the Holy Spirit, and grace is what initially moves our hearts to conversion and repentance.”

In order to have perpetual adoration, you need many people’s commitment. You would need 2 persons sign up for each hour to accompany Jesus and guard the exposed Blessed Sacrament, that is 24 hours a day, seven days a week on going.

You will first obtain the Pastor’s approval then put the sign up sheet in the church concourse and make an podium as well as bulletin announcement and go from there. If you initiate this, normally you will be the coordinator. The coordinator must make sure each hour has its committed people for adoration. If any one could not make it for the assigned time, he should find a substitute or ask the coordinator to find a replacement. If no replacement could be found for certain time, the coordinator should sit in. The Blessed Sacrament should be properly guarded all the time, 24/7 for perpetual adoration.

You could start with a shorter adoration schedule. My parish has adoration for about 58 (of the 168) hours per week. We begin after the Wednesday evening Mass and continue until the Saturday morning Mass.

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