Perpetual mass enrollment meaning

What I’d like to know is if the perpetual masses said for a deceased person go on in time, does it also mean that the donation is recurrent, for example every month, year or whatever?


It usually says for as long as the person’s soul is in need of Masses and prayers. Only God knows that. For Perpetual you donate ONCE and the prayers and Masses continue without any further need or donation from you. They are usually put in a book or just said at Mass as for those enrolled in Perpetual prayers& Masses. Sometime when donors make large or just very needed contributions Religious Communities will just say at each and every Mass " for our donors or supporters, our Patrons or our members". When you give for any type of Mass— single, weekly, monthly, yearly or Perpetual it is recorded and kept track of. Priests receive a portion of those donations and the Diocese receives a portion. It is all kept track of.

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