Perpetual Prayer


Perpetual prayer is an idea that I have been stuck on for last couple of weeks. Can anyone give me some thoughts or any ways the we can participate in perpetual prayer?

One suggestion from a friend of mine, he owns a Catholic bookstore, is wearing or holding the Rosary. He called it the power of the Rosary. I don’t know if he was right, but it really got me thinking.


Wearing or holding a rosary sounds fine as long as you use it for prayer. A rosary is a tool, not a fashion accessory or magic talisman. So if holding a rosary causes you to remember and focus on your faith then great! Just make sure you are doing that for all the right reasons.


Some people wear saint medals, and this is a way to ask a certian saint for their intercession for your safety and health. If you look at it, that could be like a constant prayer to them. Do you mean like a rosary bracelet?



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