Perry Promises to Name Pro-Life Advocate as Vice President

Texas governor Rick Perry has quickly vaulted to the top of the Republican presidential race and he now faces questions from pro-life advocates about what he would do as president. One news report says Perry has answered one question by saying he would name a pro-life Vice President.

Meanwhile, looking ahead to a potential Perry presidency, spokesman Mark Miner said Perry would work to ensure no federal funds pay for abortions, would stop “the more than $300 million that currently flows to Planned Parenthood,” and would “only appoint judges who respect the Constitution.”

Perry has been given high marks by pro-life groups in Texas and both Texas Right to Life and Texas Alliance for Life have given him high grades for his lengthy record pushing for and signing pro-life legislation. “Gov. Perry has a wonderful pro-life record,” National Right to Life President Carol Tobias has said.

Perry, who has spoken out repeatedly when it comes to pro-life issues, has said: “We can’t afford to give up the good fight until the day Roe v. Wade is nothing but a shameful footnote in our nation’s history books.”

The comments, the legislative record of pro-life accomplishments in Texas, and the promises of pro-life actions if elected president have helped Perry secure strong support from many pro-life voters. He still must secure the Republican nomination and he faces other staunch pro-life advocates like Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and others. Mitt Romney is also running as a pro-life candidate and is one of the top-tier competitions.

The most recent Real Clear Politics average has Perry at 24.2, Romney 17, Palin 10.6, Bachmann 9.3, Guiliani (!) 8.3. It would appear that Bachmann is yesterday’s news. Palin and Bachmann constitute 20% of the vote. If and when Palin finally announces that she isn’t running, and when Bachmann gives up, where will that 20% go? I think it goes mostly to Perry over Romney. More and more, as long as Perry behaves himself on the stump, performs well in the debates, and doesn’t have a skeleton in his closet, he seems to be unstoppable.

Ron Paul at below 7.8%, is among the also-rans. He is not a viable candidate. Sorry Paul supporters.

Romney is the most competitive against Obama. All the others are losing to Obama.

Mr. Perry, if you get the nomination, please choose Marco Rubio for Vice President.


Before Perry’s VP can become VP, first Perry, with his views on Social Security and other matters, has to win a general. Winning the GOP nomination in the yr 2012 with his views might be one thing. Winning a general is a whole other ballgame. I think a mistake many GOP caucus and primary voters might be making is assuming that just anyone can defeat Obama. Yet it is not out of the question that in a general, voters beyond the Tea Party mindset, the many in the middle for instance, might decide after knowing more about Mr Perry’s views on issues, that they would decide Perry is worse.

I don’t think anyone thinks that. What most of us GOPer’s and Tea Partiers are doing is trying to get the candidate who can beat Obama. So far, it looks like most think Perry could do it. :thumbsup:

Apparently then Christine, that is what most think so far.

Perry´s only obstacle for me is that he is from Texas. Rest assured the Democrats are going to remind voters that Bush and Perry are from Texas. The flip side of that is , I believe most voters will remember that Obama ran against George W. Bush instead of John McCain. It won´t work a second time around. It sounds like don´t vote for Obama, because we don´t want another Jimmy Carter for another four years. God bless:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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