Persecution in your own family


Brothers and sisters in Christ, I am in need of your prayers. It may seem as something insignificant, but I feel an ache in my heart. I just had a call from my mother asking me how I was doing, then she went on to say that she was going to talk to me later about me being so active in the Church. I told her to please do not start because I have been very clear with them about my decision about going to Church. Then she went on in saying if the Church is going to feed me since I am currently unemployed. I told her that even though I have not had food in the fridge, till now I have not starved, thanks be to God. She then hung up, but soon I felt a great ache in my heart. It wasnt like someone telling you bad news or something bad that you feel like you got punched in the gut, but it was trully a heart ache. I offered the pain to Our Lord and united it to His Cross and I feel alot better. I’m just reminded of what Jesus said, that no one is a prophet in their own house. Please share your stories as well.


I thought it was, “A prophet is never accepted in his hometown”? I think the scripture that best discribes this is where Christ Jesus was talking about how belief in him would cause division among your family and friends that didn’t accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I understand their concern, but what is their status as far as believing in God and accepting Jesus as their Lord and savior? My situation is this, my wife is Japanese and she accepts Buddhism and Shintoism. Recently I came back to Christ on August 23, 2008. She now feels that I’m getting a little too religious for her, but she still loves me and supports me. I attempted to share the Gospel of Christ with her, but she hasn’t accepted at this time. She always listens to me with great patience, but she doesn’t believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven. One thing I have learned is that a good testimony helps those who don’t believe, understand better. I am not the greatest living example, but in somethings I am successful.

Yes, what you said is true, God always takes care of his own, but he doesn’t do it all for you. He expects alot of self motivation (good work ethic). That is one thing I don’t agree with many “Born Again” evangelist type Christians (I’ve noticed this alot on the African American side of the house). They say God will give them everything and they are not worried, yet they are lazy and don’t pull their own weight at work (not all just some). Another thing I noticed is that they just don’t testify about Jesus to anyone and if they do, they don’t get specific on how Christ helped them. Then they are members of groups that don’t really promote Jesus our savior as their priority (Free Masons, Shriners, Order of the eastern star, etc.). They just don’t get it that Christ Jesus is a total package commitment. You can’t love and follow Christ yet surf the net for porn or make oaths that are not of God’s inspired words of the Holy Bible (Masons, Shriners, and Order of the Eastern Star members have oaths that are not of God’s holy scripture). Keep your devotion to God, through Jesus Christ and you will be delivered from the situation you are currently in. The Father didn’t forsake me. My last year in the US. Army, I messed up pretty bad and almost wasn’t able to retire. I prayed on it and the Father assisted me where I was able to be honorable discharged and was able to collect a pension every month for the rest of my life (retired after 20 years of service). I never thought I would be able to work for the government again, yet after rededicating my life to Christ on 23 August 2008, unexplained good things started happening to me. I applied for a governement job, was interviewed over the phone, and got the job. Please keep in mind I retired in April 2006, but didn’t commit myself to Christ until August 2008. God allowed me to receive a government contract job in June 2006 and I was unemployed for about two months. My hope to get another job with the government that required a security clearance was not good. I had a security clearance that was taken away in the military before I retired, so when I tried to get it back before I retired, they said it wouldn’t be reinstated because I was retiring and no longer had a need for it. Well, to make a long story short, I got the job I applied for, was able to reapply for a security clearance (still waiting for final decision), and am now living in Japan. This was not of my own doing. I fully believe and give all the glory to God the Father, thru Jesus Christ for this great gift. I don’t have my final clearance yet, but a good friend of mine said, “It will happen for you, God didn’t ensure you get the job, just to lose it for not being able to get your final clearance”. “God doesn’t work like that”. I truly believe this, yet being human, I still doubt. May God forgive me for doubting. My friend it will happen for you. Hang on. It took me almost three years, but God made it happen for me thru Jesus.

Take Care and May God Bless you!



Well I felt that the quote, which ever way it is, fits my situation with my family. Although, I am not being rejected, but my way of life is causing them “scandal”.

My family is just Catholic by name, not even cradle Catholic, in fact I would go as far as saying that they are anti-Catholic. They view the Catholic Church as being like the mafia because it handles money, the pedophilia scandal, father Alberto, etc. etc. I truly believe that a great testimony also helps as well, which comes to the points you made in the second paragraph.

I know that you were just pointing out the hypocrisy that some people think of being “born-again” and still being very attached to their evil ways. I know that God will provide for those who submit to Him, but I am not leaving things in His hands only. I know that what He does for us is to give glory and praise to Him for providing to His children.

As you have said, that you understand their concern, but that is just it, it shouldnt be a concern for them. My life has totally changed from what it was 7 months ago, in fact every day I strive to be a better and more spiritual person. I believe on a daily conversion, to make ourselves better than yesterday for His glory. My mother’s tone was sort of condescending last night, as if she thought that I was taking Church too seriously, and I am. I’m worried not only for my salvation, but for everyone elses as well. I can’t say that I’m guarenteed salvation like protestants do, because I may fall tomorrow. I have to strive to be a better Christian, to practice good works thru faith, to love my enemies, to help those who are less fortunate, especially to partake in the Most Holy Eucharist.

I know that I have left out some points in my conversation with my mother, but before she hung up, she told me that we must go to Church whenever we have time. To me this was the most troubling, because she claims to never have time. What really irks me is the typical response that most “Catholics” just say, “well I dont need to go to Church in order to have God, I know that He is with me”. Even though this statement is partially true, it irks me because this is the same response I get from my parents; they just dont undestand why Christ established the Church in the first place. I’ve told them before, I am not going to church because of the priest or because of a certain person, Im going for Him, Im very active in church for Him. I decided to live a humble yet fulfilling life for Him. I no longer seek my pleasures or aspire to have material things, becuase it is Him that I serve. This is why it caused me such a heart ache when I heard her attack the Church. Despite all the evil things that have occured within Her, I know that she is holy because Christ is Her founder.

6 months ago, I would have sung a different tune, I was really really letting my self fall into depression. I had suicidal thoughts, and didnt find meaning or purpose for me. I’ve known the Lord for 10 years, but my relationship with Him was not as grounded as it is now. Lots of things had to happen in my life to get to where I am at now. I’ve have cried, almost agonizingly, because I did not understand why things were happening as they were. Now I see that this is all part of His plan. I understand that if things didnt go as bad as they went, then I wouldnt understand many of the things that I now know. This is why I do not understand why they see my commitment to the Church as taking it over board, well I kind of do, but still. May be God wants to use me to get my family closer to Him, I dont know. If this is the case, I know its going to be hard because home is where the bigger battles are fought. But I am willing to do it for Him.


I like your post. There is a genuine realness to it. This is only the start I’m sorry to say. I can’t tell you to stay strong when I can’t do the same, but you know my intentions.


I understand and appreciate it. Its not impossible to stay strong, but may He grant us all strength to endure to the end.


I can’t/nor will say I know what the Father’s will is, but as you stated this may all be for bringing your family back to Christ. I know how many Catholics think they can lose their salvation, but to be honest where in the Holy Bible does it say this? I believe once a servant always a servant unless you make a conscious statement denouncing God and blaspheme against the Holy Spirit (The one unforgivable sin in the bible, yet if you came back and repented to God of your horrible mistake, he is forgiving. His grace can’t be preceived by our mortal minds).

My dad’s side of the family was Catholic. I like the structured discipline in the Catholic church, but in many instances you don’t see many Catholics with alot of scripture knowledge (some not all) like you would see a Baptist or Lutheran (I’m a member of a Lutheran and Baptist church and am working on getting into the Catholic church). I have only seen one Catholic bring a Holy Bible to mass. When I went to church at Vine Grove Baptist church, everyone pretty much brings a Bible to church. Baptist immerse themselves in the scriptures. That is why many Baptist don’t understand why Catholics do so many things that aren’t seen in the Bible (elevation of the Holy Mother Mary, purgatory, etc.). Anyway, your family seems do be like the Catholics I mentioned above. If they really sat down and read the Bible with you, they may understand. Your mother wanting to go to church, may be the big chance you need to open their hearts to Christ. I hope it works out for you. I’m going to put a link to the Vine Grove Baptist church in this post. The Pastor (Larry Vance) is a very down to earth guy. He is a former U.S. Marine who served in the Vietnam War. No I’m not trying to get you to be a Baptist, just listen to his sermons (they are online to the right, once you go to the Homepage). This is another thing that bothers me about some Catholics, nothing says you can’t get the truth of scripture outside the Catholic church. If what is being taught is from the Holy Bible, then it is correct. Here is the link.

Take Care and May God Bless!



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