'Person of the Year' Pope Francis Defends Life in the Womb

(CNSNews.com) – In a message sent to the Americas on Dec. 12, a day the Catholic Church celebrates in honor of the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, Pope Francis, who was named Person of the Year this week by Time magazine, said that America is called to be “a land prepared to accept life at every stage, from the mother’s womb to old age - See more at: cnsnews.com/news/article/barbara-boland/person-year-pope-francis-defends-life-womb#sthash.VhLdVZBg.d3Dfuopl.dpuf

Well, we know this won’t be seen in the world’s secular news.

Of course, it wasn’t covered by our local TV news tonight – of course if some priest had done something sinful it would be covered and on the front page!!!
I was delighted that he was nominated “person of the year” – now we’ll have to see if our local newspapers will cover this!!!

God Bless Pope Francis

Its great achievement of Pope Francis and he deserves it well.

I found this video, quite by accident, I might add. It’s Time Magazine explaining why they chose Pope Francis. I think it’s well done. One need not agree with them; but one has to admit that they thought this through and that they are paying attention.

I suggest that people listen to the man and take him at his word that there is no hidden agenda, just plain amazement on Time’s part. It’s too easy to get all caught up in our suspicions to the point that we fail to see the good intention in our neighbor. Let us listen to our neighbor while we look at who we are before God.

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