Person refuses to shop at Hobby Lobby because of LGBT & pro-choice attitude



I wish you’d reported him to HR too. That’s a form of persecution, and who knows, it may have been an opportune teaching moment to share the Catholic faith. Is it too late to report this person?

I’m very glad you confronted him.


I left that company 15 years ago. I live in the Northeast and I worked at a newspaper. The atmosphere was decidedly anti-religious. Here’s an example. I went through RCIA my first year at the newspaper. I had to make my supervisor aware that I needed days off so that I could attend all the rituals. One of the other supervisors got wind of this and constantly told me how stupid I was to become a Catholic. That’s when he wasn’t crudely hitting on me. I had no choice but to absorb his abuse about RCIA. I constantly had to fend off his nasty advances.

Here’s another: A colleague invited me to his atheist organization picnic. I politely told him, “I appreciate the invitation, but I’m Catholic.” He said, “I thought you were smart enough not to believe in religion.” I was too dumb-founded to react."

I finally contacted management when another colleague planted pornography on my desk. The executive editor was ready to fire him. I just requested that his desk be located across the room from me and that he be forbidden to talk to me.

I only went to management after the porno incident. To tell you the truth, I was terrified of the man. I was very reluctant to file the complaint. But after the porn, I had no choice.

So, yes, I put up with a lot. I’m afraid that the stereotype of the Northeastern news media being anti-religious is true. I worked at a paper in the Midwest, and that was not the case. Most everyone was Protestant.


There is a large difference in what the Church teaches about same-sex marriage and what individual Catholics believe. According to 2017 figures from the Pew Research Center, 67 percent of people who identify as Catholics favor same-sex marriage. In 2001, 40 percent of self-identified Catholics favored same-sex marriage.


Ah yes, the joys of Hobby Lobby. On the one hand, the extol Christian virtues (read that they don’t want to pay for contraception, etc., because it would cost them something). On the other hand, they gladly import Chinese made garbage ('cause, you know, more profits) from a government that stifles Christianity in a way that the Roman Emperors could only fantasize about.

Frankly, I’m a bit tired of their moral high-ground chest thumping. Fortunately, I’m arts ‘n’ crafts challenged, so I have no real interest in the place.


How is it your concern at all?


I absolutely refuse to shop at Chic-Fil-A until they put a store somewhere that might be useful when I’m hungry . . .


“That’s OK; I took you as far more intelligent than an atheist” . . .



LOL :grin:


I always feel guilty when I buy Starbucks but sometimes they’re literally the only place open or I am also buying coffee for my mother-in-law who is not really a true coffee drinker.

I just looked it up and pretty much everyone gives to Planned Parenthood or at least indirectly gives to Planned Parenthood.

It would be virtually impossible to not support some company in some way that directly or indirectly gives money to Planned Parenthood.

Some of these are very obvious like Starbucks but you can only do your best.


I have never asked my friend for her list of companies she has that shows who gives to Planned Parenthood, but I am sure there are many. So I am sure I am frequenting businesses or buying products that support Planned Parenthood without realizing it.


Chick fil a is a big no for me. They won’t repent for putting pickles on a chicken sammich. Blasphemy!


Ok a little late here but here are my thoughts. Anyone can choose to not buy something for ANY reason. I support boycotts in favor of our faith. I also respect boycotts that go to others core beliefs. If there were more boycotts for whatever the reason then corporations might stop playing politics with society and just sell mechendise.


You are right, it should not be said in such a context, but then, as a student you are in a power imbalance and are not always free to confront such things.

These are great to have handy, but saying it to a group leader in an educational context might be kinda cheeky. Students can have their grades affected, and clinical students can get poor ratings from biased feedback.


And students can go to the dean to seek restitution. It all depends on whether you want education to be free from undue bias.


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